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remorseful Sean's 50 shots

I am worthless, a worthless space of matter, my Mother cries for me each night, and I feel guilt for not being worth enough. 400 years of none freedom, being taken from the west, enslaved and beat, deprogrammed and reprogrammed to hate, me, and love YOU. Time breaks and I’m given 44 acres of freedom, which I have still yet to receive. But here I stand worthless. He reloaded twice on me, and I yell in pain lifeless, simple thinking I have to make it to my wedding tomorrow, she will be so pained. My chest is tight, my heart has slowed, my hands are cold, oh damn am I dying? She’ll be so hurt~! My kids, my wife, my mom, my life. What did I do?

Question of the Week? 4-24-2008- 4-30-2008

What would you do if your son or daughter told you they were transgender?

Question of the Week? April 16- April 23 WebSites

Would you be happy if you were never able to get on Adam or BGC again?" I know it seems superficial, but so many of "us" spend so much time on these sites. I challenge you think why "we" are on these sites. Lets be honest, many of "us" go on these sites to hookup or do we? Rarely are we looking for genuine conversation or friendship with no sexual ties.
So, the question begs the deeper question.

If you weren't able to hookup anymore, would you be happy?

Also why are we really on these sites, are we really that lonely?

Note: I meet my best friend on Adam4Adam. Many of years ago. Has the gay "life" become more sexual?

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Question of the Week? April 9th-April 16th- What would you think?

The men have driven me so crazy. Now I’m back to the ladies.

So here is the question of the week. How would you feel if one of your friend of many years told you out of left field they where “tired” of being gay and started dating women only? Would you think he was losing faith in our “community”? Is he a trader? Is he lying to him self? BTW he has never once said, acted, eluded to being bi-sexual.

What is worth keepin' , if it don't take a fight?

The Rage

Master Teacher

Question of the week? April 2- April 9th-

You are attending your family reunion. Dozens of relatives are there, many of whom you have never met before. You are introduced to a new cousin whose face looks vaguely familiar. Later it hits you. You recognize this person from a series of porno videos you own, where they were the main attraction.

Do you let the cousin know that you know who they are? Do you tell any other family members? Would it affect your enjoyment of the videos knowing this is a relative?

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