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Question of the week 2/27-3/5

I happen to get a lot of AskJared questions via email. Usually I'm on the ball with my answers, this one took me a second to think about and answer. I called him and gave him MY advice. But I wonder what the kiddies thing? So you guys take a crack at this please.

I've had a best friend relationship with someone going on 7 years now. Recently, I think I've developed feelings for this person in the past 6 months. I've been contemplating telling them, because a number of factors come into play...

1. I wouldn't want to jeopardize the friendship that we already have and make things awkward and/or distant.
2.I'm not sure if I'm falling in love with the person, or our friendship that we have.
3. Do I see the attributes/qualities that the people I've been involved with in previous relationships lacked, and things I would want in a relationship they just happen to exude (or I think they may be exuding? lol)

I guess ultimately what I'm asking is should I express this to my best friend? Or should I wait and see if these feelings pass over?

Life according to D

Question of the week 2-20-2008/ 2-27-2008

Its Sunday afternoon and you're steady online looking for that hot jump off. You meet a suitable candidate, sexy body shot, perfect stats, sexually compatible (or at least claiming to be)... sounds promising. You agree to open your private pics and surprise! A picture of your best friends man is suddenly front and center on your Dell monitor. Now its all adding up. What do you do next?

Once again Class say! THANKS TERRY !

I really can not ask for more!

It took me for damn ever to find this email ... Anywho,
Mr. Jared, Spencer, whatever you like to be called.
Like wow. That's all I can say. You werent playing when you said you had a gift with your words. I watched all of your videos and in one you said that you're a giver but you can be a bitch sometimes so you wont be taken advantage of.. As you were saying those lines, I realized that's exactly what I am. Lmfao. But uh yeah, after watching all of your videos I brought my grades up and blah blah. SO YEP. My 15 year old mind just kept telling me to give you some recognition, so there you go, sir. (=

~ JJ

Thank you JJ!

Words of Wisdom Class

"If we are not ashamed to think it, we should not be ashamed to say it"
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Question of the week? Wednesday Feb 13th - Feb 20th 2008

So you finally meet the one! Ok so granted its only the first date but aside from being sexy as hell, they are smart, confident, knows how to carry themselves, and seems to like you back! Do you sleep with them as early as possible to kill the sexual tension so you can start getting to know them minus the pink elephant in the room? Or... Do you wait on it a bit, and make the act a bit more valuable/special to achieve a connection that there not likely to find in the usual first date fuck?

Every one say THANKS Terry!

Planting seeds, I'm getting there! {Written 4 Months ago}

I started my new Job today! It was such a weird experience to knowledge I was with normal people again. Holding down the fort. People here seem so friendly, I was looking over my benefits today, and I can get eye glasses, since I've been in dyer need of for so long. Its great being in this Soho area. I'm going to try to not shop my ass off. It won't do anyone any good! So tonight me and the Boyfriend are doing Atlantic City we don't get out much. So this should this be good times. Life's really been looking up. A lot of wonderful things are coming in, bit by bit. It's such a positive and wonderful thing.

I have been with ____ for a few months now, it feels good. I was going thou some things over the past views months, and he came right in was such a zest for life! I have to truly say, I haven't felt like this in a while. I look forward to going home now. No longer wondering what's on the tube and how long will I last with out pulling my hair clear out my head. He asked me last night was I happy with him? I was so taken a back, no one has ever asked me that before. I really have no words for how happy I am! This Job seems so positive, and great. My show is doing well. I begin to talk about my trip to South Africa, it seems a lot of people want to go with him. So it's really turning into something amazing.

Question of the week February 6th 2008- February 13th 2008

I'm sitting here on Wednesday morning pondering what this weeks question will be.
I have two thought rotating in my mind, both on the face of it touching fear. But in two very different ways.

1. The terror of coming out!

2. The horror of growing old and alone (Top gay man fear!)

So me being me I'll go with the scarier one.
So ladies and gents here is the Question of the week!

Do you envision yourself living single or with a partner by the time you reach your senior years? Either way, what do you imagine those years will be like? Can you even envision yourself as a senior citizen?

Thanks, Bernie

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