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Question of the week 2-20-2008/ 2-27-2008

Its Sunday afternoon and you're steady online looking for that hot jump off. You meet a suitable candidate, sexy body shot, perfect stats, sexually compatible (or at least claiming to be)... sounds promising. You agree to open your private pics and surprise! A picture of your best friends man is suddenly front and center on your Dell monitor. Now its all adding up. What do you do next?

Once again Class say! THANKS TERRY !

10 Responses to “Question of the week 2-20-2008/ 2-27-2008”

  1. # Anonymous SAC

    I wouldn't do anything next. I assume everyone is online anyway. Though publicly people act like it’s the last thing they would EVER do. Just about EVERYONE I know directly or indirectly is online. How do I know? Cause I've been online. When I come across someone I know it’s not news to me. Sites like men4now & adam4adam are almost like going to any gay club in this city, with the exception of the perceived anonymity. I'm sure tons of punks have run to their friends to gossip after I've shown my picture. LOL. Maybe they have an understanding in their relationship. Maybe they go on together. Maybe he is cheating, but even if he is...the guilty always reveal themselves. I guess I just feel you can't make any assumptions about a person because you saw them on a site where EVERYONE is. LOL. It’s like going to gossip to your friends that you think so and so is gay because you saw him at the club. Really?! No shit?! LMAO  

  2. # Anonymous Joseph Reaves

    Well I wouldn't pursue him any longer but I dont know if I would tell my friend or not thats kinda sticky  

  3. # Blogger Bernie

    Well first off, I wouldn't have a Dell computer (Mac man over here). But I digress.

    I have to agree with sac. I am increasingly NOT surprised by who shows up in online chatrooms, dating or hookup sites. I'm always running into people offline I recognize from having already seen online. It is SUCH a small world.

    Since this is my best friend's man, I would not pursue this person, nor would I let on that we have friends in common. This is between the two of them and I don't know what kind of relationship they may have, so I won't assume, butt in or play the homewrecker.  

  4. # Blogger Kyon Saucier

    You get off the computer and tell your best friend that his nigga is cheating on his ass! Sorry best friends are best friends and I would want him to do the same for me.  

  5. # Blogger fuzzy

    Thanks Terry!

    I would definitely mind my business and not speak to the person anymore. Remove yourself as far from the situation as possible! People are so fickle when it comes to matters like these. They will find out eventually, you be there to console them and be a shoulder when the funk hits the fan!  

  6. # Blogger Cocoa Rican

    Forward the convo and the pic to your friend and say..."At least summer's coming..use the pain to lose the weight..."  

  7. # Anonymous charlie

    If they are in a committed relationship that is one thing, but if they fall under the category “other” I would have to agree with SAC. Everyone is on line!

    The real question is what kind of relationship does your best friend have with that “man”? Also is that “man” trying to initiate something with you & if so on what level? What are his intentions? What is your relationship like with your friend? On this one I feel the question is very GRAY…

    Its best to follow the heart on this one.  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i miss you on the AND SHOW  

  9. # Blogger Playboy Adonis

    Now that all depends cause if that man in the pic is you A.P. then I'd have to go ahead and take you out on a date...any restaurant and your choice but desert is on you and I plan to lick every bit of it off

    I don't date friend's friends...I mean...that's a tough one.

    BUT, love is for those who want to be loved and if it ain't working out between ya'll two then let me and you try to make it work.  

  10. # Blogger Andre J. Allen II

    end the convo and keep it moving now if he keeps hittin u up then take the neccessary steps to info partner maybe partners knows he's online? is the best friend on line  

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