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Dido: spencer
Dido: im sad
amour.propre: why
Dido: because I wish this whole lifestyle thing was just a phase ( I know its not)...not in the sense that I am not able to accept myself but rather in the sense that there is too much at risk when living in this lifestyle and its scary. I recently had a medical seminar at my job and we had a presentation where a guy spoke about HIV specific to NY and the information was so scary, like all the stats and things were terrifying
Dido: According to Mt. Sinai study, NY has higher HIV cases than la miami dc and atlanta combined
amour.propre: I know
amour.propre: I know
amour.propre: 46%
Dido: then he broke it down
amour.propre: 75% in ATL
Dido: into neighborhoods
amour.propre: lord
Dido: he said that in central harlem 1 in 10 have it
Dido: in chelsea 1 in 4
Dido: in brooklyn 1 in 6
Dido: then he showed us pics of sick people
amour.propre: wow
Dido: omg it was absolutely horrifying
Dido: and this data he said was from 2003
Dido: imagine what the numbers are now
amour.propre: NO
Dido: YES
Dido: thats what he said
amour.propre: well babes
Dido: it makes me wish I was not apart of the lifestyle
Dido: cause its too much risk
Dido: even when in a "stable" relationship
Dido: its like damn u just never know
amour.propre: Well babes
amour.propre: Gay Str8 in or out
amour.propre: U will never know
amour.propre: just a higher risk witrh us
Dido: yeah but significantly more risk for GAY period
amour.propre: much higher
Dido: yea
amour.propre: Look
amour.propre: dont hate being gay
amour.propre: not something u can change
Dido: I dont I hate what ur up against
amour.propre: no need being hard on yourself
Dido: im not im just feelin sad about it all
amour.propre: Well its a reality
amour.propre: and we have to live in it
Dido: was just talkin about the stats to leo who couldnt believe either
amour.propre: Its real
Dido: very much so
amour.propre: makes you think twice about that hook up
amour.propre:em> dont it
Dido: sure does
amour.propre: Live in the reality of what it is
amour.propre: Look
amour.propre: me and you
amour.propre: are both Very strong
amour.propre: smart young men
amour.propre: So
amour.propre: Lets not play the part that all people our age play
Dido: yeah I know
amour.propre: Dont play a sideline person
amour.propre: Speak on it
Dido: I try not to and dont fuck as much as u think I do but still just the thought is scary
amour.propre: Help to change it
amour.propre: It is!
amour.propre: Ok
Dido: and I get tested regularly and I try to have the dialog with friends u know
amour.propre: but pass that
amour.propre: Then what
amour.propre: Thats keepin u safe
Dido: ur right
amour.propre: how about our brothers that arent as smart to do so
amour.propre: We all know lust
Dido: yeah u right
amour.propre: We will brainstorm babes
amour.propre: and think of something
amour.propre: outside the box
amour.propre: to let people know
Dido: its crazy
amour.propre: u are killing yourself for a nut
Dido: yup
amour.propre: do u mind
amour.propre: me putting this on askspencer
amour.propre: as a convo

Living in the reality

30 Things To Do Around/Before 30 (How "Bold" are you?)

1.Have a mentor
2.Get a passport and use it
3.Learn to play golf
5.Have a career path, not just a job
6.Get a good watch by a known company for timepieces
7.Go to a major sporting event
8.Own a custom made suit
9.If you cant afford custom, then buy three quality suits
10.Learn to cook one dish really well
11.Get regular checkups
12.Do all the crazy sexual things you fantasize about
13.Have your heart broken – (teach you more about self)
14.Attend a protest rally
15.Give blood
16.Get FIRED
17.Register to vote and VOTE!
18.Buy a good pair of designer shoes (over $100)
19.Learn to drive a stick shift
20.Join a gym
21.Face your fears
22.Adopt a pet
23.Tell your Parents how you really feel about them
24.Own furniture (not IKEA)
25.Learn to swim
26.Buy something ridiculously expensive and unnecessary for your parent(s).
27.Get a college degree. (no matter what other says, it makes a difference) 28.Have a small, tight group of friends you cant count no matter what
29.Learn to speak another language
30.Get out of your mothers house! + 1 more (Find God and a church family/home)

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