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Purely looking for a short cut!

Purely looking for a short cut!

As you get into who you are and what you are to serve in this life, we tend to do an ample amount of cloud skipping.

We bounce from one soft cloud to the next. Totally aloof, not realizing that beneath your very feet the cold hard earth lies below. Brown and green and often unforgiving, the higher you are, the harder you fall, (It’s not always a bad thing).

Yesterday I had an impromptu dinner with a fairly new acquaintance with a harsh sharp tongue. As new as he is I have already learned to take it in stride. I can sense his heart is pure, just busy getting out of his own way like most of us. At this mini banquet hosted by Bubba Gumps, a couple sat across from us. One of them was celebrating a “29th birthday for the 2nd time”. Easy, sweet, held eye contact, both smiled brightly contented to meet me. They talked of meeting at a pride one year, and now owning a home together in ATL. They seemed to listen to one another, and no one talked over the other. "Pie in the sky" I thought out loud! They talked of their careers and personal goals they had set for themselves. They in fact were living their best lives separate from one another, and they have made a union that can and will only grow with happiness because of that very fact!

So the question becomes “Are you living your best life?”

4 Responses to “Purely looking for a short cut!”

  1. # Blogger Kyon Saucier

    I'm trying to luv I guess that is all one can do.  

  2. # Blogger CitiBearForever.com

    You know I was reading through this and at about the point where you mentioned a birthday celebration I was reminded again that we tend to pull inpiration from the world around us, the people and things closest even if we don't have all the facts or perhaps BECAUSE we don't have access to the facts of the matter catches our minds eye more readily. for example at 60, the couple you saw at that event probably had full lives relative to a person HALF their age. They in fact have had 2-3 x's as many years than the 20 or 30 something before they could afford to give off that glow of perfection. And that's important because in pointing out that we ought to be persuing our best lives as individuals before the ltr, its necessary to include the powerful function of community during those formative years as well. Having access to (and many gays won't admit it) gay culture and access to opportunities for building friendships is vital to avoid the "let me lay up on you and live inside your life" phenomenon too many of us fall into early on in our lives.  

  3. # Blogger Serious_Intelect

    What I've learned is that you can live your best life whenever you put God first and everything else will fall in place afterwards. No matter what it is. You live your best life free from unneccessary pains and if God sees fit to move some people out of your life, he will. So yes in the process it may cause pain but in the long run, its all worth it.  

  4. # Blogger Ailed LittleKnight

    I can't really say that I have...  

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