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It's legit I swear!

I have been force by the heaven above to spend an ample amount of time alone. So unlike my unique personality, I will try my best to listen. I know I have repeated this over and over. I truly wish I had the true gift of a writer and was able to write at the drop of a hat, to comment about lives in’s and out’s at the drop of a hat. Sadly I have to be deep with in myself to pull out a piece. I'll call myself the Faith Evans of Blogging, a bitch got to be hurt for the masses to hear me. I think as recently I have been digesting life so differently it doesn’t come in the form of pain any more. Its has manifested into stepping stairs. So my kiddies if you have been missing me, that is my lame ass reason. So many things have begun to blaze themselves into my life. I have started counting backwards hoping it would end. I have taken upon myself to get a drink after work each night, mainly because I want to drink. But also to have time with my kiddies again. I have to say I miss you guys and your feed back. I sit in my own mind at times and think how a lone I am in New York, why don’t I ever remember my family in Blog world? You guys have given me more ups then any one person in my life.
Side bar guys, my boss the other day told me "Jared your smart". Now if ya'll know it or not I have an amazing emotional memory, ask me what I did last week you’re fucked. But anything of emotion, call me elephant man. All that to say is, I realized no man in my life had ever said that I was “smart”. Now as a 30 year old man, this feet amazed me. Long story short. PEOPLES WORDS CARRY! IF you think something positive about someone please SAY IT! Those little kind words carry for years. Geez could you image who I would be if I had a male in my early life tell me they believed in me. WOW the thought is scary.

Lata guys

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  1. # Blogger Staats

    Why I Fuck With Jared

    Complicated people often look for simple answers
    Never understanding why simplicity isn’t enough to satisfy the soul
    Simple people often overlook their simple answers looking for the unattainable.
    Unbalanced in the way of life, we often find friends, soul mates
    Simple people that meet our complicated expectations;
    That add there flashlight to our darkened paths only to project larger shadows off in the
    Companions, often reflections of who you could be, had things been different.
    You tolerate more from people like this.
    They become your punching bag, confidant, road dawg.
    You exchange stories, lurid tales, of laughter, of pain, and just of…
    Somewhat like a brutha, closer than a lover, but without all the fronts and airs.
    You want to have someone in your life that you know will always be there.
    To the naked eye, your relationship is misconstrued
    But love is love regardless of the color or hue.
    Imbalanced by chemicals, saddened with exctasy,
    The things that you want in life and the things that you need sometimes overlap.
    He balances me.
    Makes me think, makes me laugh, makes me understand that things aren’t as they seem.
    Self absorbed, a little neurotic, but he is mine.
    Our friendship a special bond.
    Nothing more, nothing less.
    Simplicity in an over complicated way.
    That’s why I fuck with J.

    Miss you bruh. And love you. And I have said it before you are brilliant. Fuck the rest of those that can't see it. I always got you.  

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