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My minds eye said write, who am I not to listen? I sit staring at my computer, waiting the clock out. Feeling uncomfortable and uncertain of my future anywhere. I know 08’ is a year of design; it is the year that I allow life to just happen. By my own admittance I am a control freak, when it comes to my own life and happiness. But like anything is a balance, a center, I’m binding this time to learn that. ITS SIMPLE HELL!

If no one knows, I’m about to tell you. I have a thing for men who don’t want me.
As much as I crafted this machine, it’s the Bug I have yet to get out of the system. I’ve tried frying the Motherboard, didn’t do nothing!

I’m clicking keys, so at a point of annoyed in my own mind, I can’t stand there sound. Stress lays in the fact that I’m waiting for his reply email! Write me damn you!? I need to know where I stand. Random thoughts-non functional meanings.

“I woke up this morning thinking about you, as I often do. I was at an event few weeks ago, and the subject of how we throw each other away in this community came up. So as I do I started to speak. Speak on the non-responsibility we have with one another, in the form of feeling. How we leave, not knowing what we place in someone life, what we may have meant. As u have learned I'm painfully honest at times. But I will say I was falling in Love with you. So funny I remember a few days before our "break-up" I was speaking with Delicia, I expressed to her I was just going to allow myself to let go, and trust that it will be okay. All that to say is, I've moved passed my ego, and I can openly say I miss you! Simple I'm not giving up! Now let’s see where Mr. ______ stands.

This is what my Horoscope read today!

"The sun moves out of your love zone today, but the love vibration stays for a while. If anything needs to be said or settled between you and another, now's the time to do it - don't hesitate a moment longer. Whether the words are formulated in your mind or not, go ahead and bring up a long overdue discussion. Don't miss the moment by not putting words into action."

This letter has become the bane of my existence, allowing a stupid Horoscope to stir my life. I have learned to enjoy the curse control; I mainly let Jesus take the wheel. But now I wait.

I’m tired of fighting for someone to Love me!

I think where my fault lays is that I drunk the Kool-aid called optimism, and thought that it would really happen- maybe its my precedent of having men leave, is that why I find men that don’t fight to stay to make it work?

Gay men and the Trash complex.

I’d rather trash him, then fight with myself to be a stronger person.
-Average gay man


BTW I want to give a Holla to my Fans in California!
Kevin R. Scott told me you guys read my Stuff. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!
ANFANEE ANTONIO and RAVEN are the shit!


Question of the week! March 26- April 2nd

I’m working kiddies, I’m working. Recently I have been dating, on and off. Trying so hard to get comfortable with the feeling and reality of being single. It’s been a long while now. I simple have my days. As I look back at my track record. I have had some good people come in, and like the wind, breeze right out. So it got me to thinking about the question of the week.


I have heard some crazy shit, IE

He hugged me to much!

Anyway, lets hear what u will not forgive!

Sorry Guys!

GUYS I have to say Sorry. I have been trying to upload all these Blogs I have done. But its just not working I have no idea what the Issue is! I'm Working on it!

Question of the week? March 12th- March19th 'Would you tell"?

If you knew the significant other of your crush was cheating on him/her, would you tell your crush? Knowing it would break there heart?

Mount Zion

Waking at Dawn, I took a frigid hour-long bike ride to the top of Mount Zion. As I ascended, I murmured a prayer. “I give the Energy of this cold, hard labor to you. May it inspire you to meet your own tasks with exuberant stamina.” When I begin the ride, I was miserably uncomfortable. Within 10 minutes, I had broken a sweat and was thoroughly warm. Soon the endorphins kicked in, and the climb to the top was blissful. That’s the progression I wish for you.

Question of the week? March 5th to March 12th

The Hillary or the Obama? TELL ME WHY WHY WHY??????????????

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