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Question of the week? March 5th to March 12th

The Hillary or the Obama? TELL ME WHY WHY WHY??????????????

8 Responses to “Question of the week? March 5th to March 12th”

  1. # Anonymous tdubbs

    well i like them both, but im with Hillary, to me she seems to hav the passion to really make change, i don't feel confident that obama would be a stronger president than Hillary, however if one or the other wins, i will be happy but my vote is with hillary  

  2. # Blogger K.B.

    OBAMA!!!!!!! For a few reasons.... First of all every poll taken shows that he has a much better chance of beating McCain in November. I honestly don't believe it is good for our country's future to continue in the path we've been on and McCain agrees with too many of Bush's policies...(100 years in Iraq?! Lets get real... we cannot continue spending that kind of money {i.e. 200 million a week} in the middle east when our economy is on a roller coaster). Second, We have to take into consideration the unprecedented number of voters Obama has been able to bring to the polls and into the political process in general. How long has this country been trying to get younger generations out to vote? He is ahead in the popular vote around the country (27 of 38 primaries speak for itself; not to mention the texas caucuses where the numbers are still coming in but it looks as if he'll win that too). Obama has over one million individual donors and has raised almost $200 MILLION in the short 14 months of his campaign; 2 feats no other presidential candidate in history has achieved. If the people aren't heard AGAIN (we all know what really happened the last two elections), what is the likelihood they'll go out and vote again anytime soon? The cycle of people feeling like they aren't heard will continue........There is so much more I can say but I'll let you all take this in and post more later.  

  3. # Anonymous Joseph

    I'm for Obama because if Hillary gets into the White House thats means that the same two families have ruled the White House for the past 25 years and thats not cool. Also Hill and Bill are dirty politicians just like the rest of them  

  4. # Anonymous charlie

    At first Hillary had my sympathy vote because I felt bad the media made her out to be a joke. Ya know Old Billy boy with the dress the cigar & the help. I felt old Hillary was capable until one day I sat down & truly thought about who I am going to vote for & why.

    Under the Clinton administration the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell act was signed. Under the Clinton administration they opened the free trade act market that is why to some degree we are having some of the issues with China that we are enduring now. Clinton’s also voted for the war that is rapid increasing our country’s national deficit.

    Hilary lost a great deal of respect from me when she began to use her idiotic desperate tactics crying about not a damn thing every other minute. The there are the scare tactics; she never answered the phone in the white house for any national security risks at 3am.
    Only calls geared toward the first lady & the duties of being the first lady. That like a brain surgeon’s wife answering the phone saying well I discuss work with my husband all day so I guess I know what it is to do a brain transplant. Would you want to be that test dummy at 3am?

    Oh yea one last thing remember we were going to impeach her husband just shy of eight years ago for lying & making a mockery of the presidential candidacy! All he had to say is it is a private matter & mind your damn business! NO More sympathy from me…

    True barrack lacks experience; most of our great presidents didn’t have much prior experience in the senate and were great presidents. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and John F. Kennedy the list goes on & on. Barrack is charismatic; he has yet to be corrupted by the senate. He is cultured he attended school in the middle east Barrack is honest & sincere. He says things like homophobia is unchristian & challenges people on it.

    Barrack represents change Clinton is the same old thing reminiscent of the so call quote on quote good ole days.

    The only issue I honestly have with Barrack Hussein Obama is his wife isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. She has to learn to choose her words more wisely. Other than that I feel Barrack is more than qualified to do the job.

    At the end of the day though we can all see what is going to happen. Barrack will be president & Hillary will be first lady. Opps I meant Vice President…

    Mark my words those Super Delegates (you know the ones who have the last & final word) aren’t going to put that heffa back in the white house in the captains seat. Mark my words I will be back to say I TOLD YOU SO!  

  5. # Blogger K.B.

    I agree with the brother above this comment except that michelle obama has really only said one thing that was a mistake and that was about her not being proud of america until recently in her adult life (which i think was taken out of context but thats a whole different conversation.) She is actually a very intelligent woman if you ever hear her speak. As for the question at hand, anyone that wonders "why obama", look at the two links below (in order); a friend of mine sent them to me earlier today and this brother articulates his position very well.

    If they don't work, just copy and paste them into your browsers.

    1.) http://thinkonthesethings.wordpress.com/2008/02/06/video-interviewer-picks-the-wrong-obama-supporter-to-try-to-railroad/


  6. # Blogger Tru_Stylz

    Come on people, this is not a contest for prom king or queen; this is for President of the United States. All this I see the green mountains, valleys, sun shinning and stars with violins playing in the background that Mr. Obama does is not cutting it for me. I need to know what are you EXACTLY going do about universal health care, explain the 15 million that will not be covered, explain in detail why and how you gonna get our troops home and keep my damn city NYC from being attacked AT THE SAME TIME, what are you going to do about these predatory lenders that got working Americans losing their homes, the plummeting stock market, the cost of tuition that is already crazy, all these jobs being exported and our country not producing shit.

    Obama is trying to come off as a Washington outsider, by virtue of being in politics since 1996 or before and being in the senate and not really taking radical stand besides being an extreme liberal... sorry Senator you are a Washington insider.

    I'm happy Senator Clinton has found a way to finally have the media look at him closely.. Senator Obama has received a Press Pass from the media up until a week ago. Perhaps he thought he could get through to the DNC nomination under the radar?

    For me it's all about experience and I believe Hillary has it. In reference to polls.. hell when last was one of you all were polled? So far the polls left Hillary out DEAD in N.H. then Super Tuesday, Then in TX and Ohio.. and guess what they been DEAD wrong in ALL POLLS.

    Obama raised $55 million in February compared to Hillary's $34 million and still lost TEXAS & OHIO.. I wish someone will poll why???? It's is coming down to the wire and i'm sorry I believe Americans want answers and i'm Obama don't have the answers.

    Now for black folks who are voting for the Brother just because he's black I ain't mad at yah. Please don't be upset when you meet a white person who's voting for Hillary just because she's white and damn sure don't get upset when you meet a black person voting for Hillary. We too like Obama don't see a Black, White,Latino, Male or Female America but ONE America.

    GO Hillary  

  7. # Blogger K.B.

    This comment has been removed by the author.  

  8. # Blogger K.B.

    In response to the comment above; for people who are voting for obama just because he is black i'm not mad at you either but i would encourage you to learn more about him and know the better reasons to be on his side; for answers on what obama's plans are, he has them laid out in the following link. Copy and paste into your browser:


    Senator Obama is a Washington insider, I think anyone involved in the government is (they know more of what's going on day to day than any of the rest of us), but no one can deny that he is not politics as usual and he has not been corrupted like much of the rest of Washington. As far as this Experience argument I keep hearing,...I am still waiting on someone to tell me how Hillary has so much more experience. She was in the U.S. senate only 4 years more than him and thats not even a complete term. On the other hand Obama was in the Illinois State senate for 7 years before he became a U.S. Senator for the same state. As first lady, Hillary's main duty's centered around her then healthcare plan which was blamed for the democrats loosing control of the house and senate in 1994; the adoption and safe families act; and various international women's empowerment movements. I'm sorry but that doesn't make her the best person to run the most powerful and influential country in the free world. And quite frankly, I don't think anyone can say that they have the experience to be President of the United States until they have actually held the office. There is no other job like it in the world (every other country looks to the U.S. and our leaders) and only 43 people in or 232 year history can say they know what it takes and only 4 of those are still living. Spouse or not, at the end of the day the person with the title is the one who has to make the final decision.  

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