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Question of the week January 30th--February8th

I will keep it Simple this week!

What makes a man?

Handed down from: Queer kid of color

11 Responses to “Question of the week January 30th--February8th”

  1. # Anonymous SAC


  2. # Blogger Andre J. Allen II


  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    the ability to stand up for what you believe, even in the face of withering criticism.  

  4. # Blogger fuzzy

    What makes a man:
    1. Leadership traits (not necessarily a leader, but you gotta have traits!)
    2. Decisiveness
    3. Honor
    4. courage
    5. Ability to commit!

    I could go on and on! should I?  

  5. # Anonymous J

    1. Honest
    2. Strength
    3. Courage (to do what you are afraid to do)
    4. Being accountable for your actions and decisions (good and bad)
    5. Ability to communicate with others truthfully, even when it hurts.
    6.Can and will stand up for yourself and what you believe in, even when it goes against the majority
    7. Good Character
    8. Wise and continues to seek wisdom.
    9. Seeks or has and maintains a relationship with God.
    10. Isn't afraid to and knows how to love.
    *Knows how to change a tire and change oil.* =)

    Those are my top ten characteristics that makes a man a man.  

  6. # Anonymous Brian B.


  7. # Blogger Angelus D. Frawst

    What makes a man to me is doing what ever you or whom ever as a man needs to do to survive (good bad or indifferent) and being able to handle what ever rewards, hardships, prizes, or consequences result from your actions.  

  8. # Blogger Playboy Adonis

    What Makes a Man?

    I believe that each person is capable of defining who he is. So it is a man who defines his own self and it is a boy who tries to align himself with what the world would define as a man. (applied to males of any age)

    God made male to be man and God made each male to be different from each other. What defines me does not necessarily define who you are though we are equal as men made by God.

    The many roles that I play require me to give myself unconditionally and I give myself as a man in these roles. I also play roles where I have conditions and I stand firm with my conditions without minimizing the man that I am when I play roles that require me to be unconditional.

    I work harder than anybody I know but that does not necessarily mean that I am a man. I simply work myself to death. Now I believe that I have been through hell on earth and I know the value of a dollar so for me my work does help define myself as a man. As a boy I threw money away and I would quit jobs without notice. As a man I save as much as possible and I've learned that my career requires me to be disciplined.

    I'm a very sexual person. A simple hand shake can make me thicken up and rise. Because my dick gets hard does that make me a man? To some it might mean manhood but for me it just means that I need some ass.  

  9. # Anonymous CHARLIE

    Honestly I can only speak from my own shoes In my life experience,
    A man someone who keeps TRUE to his WORD.
    A man is someone who takes CARE of his own
    A man knows what he HAS to do and WANTS to do are two entirely different things  

  10. # Anonymous Joseph

    What makes a man is how he handles himself under pressure - does he fold or does he still stand  

  11. # Anonymous DJ

    I've been holding back on answering this.. and leaving a comment... but I read the responses and I must state this:

    A real man... Is someone who:
    Not only Stands for what he believes in
    Not only Stands strong during adversity
    Not only has Courage and Strength
    Not only is Honest and Trustworthy
    Not only has Good Character
    Not only knows how to LOVE
    Not only seeks or possesses a relationship with God
    Not only is True to His Word
    but also knows how to admit when he made a mistake, admit when he has done something wrong and is Man enough to own up to it. A man doesn't take for granted that someone will always understand. A man knows when he has taken it too far and wants to mend fences.

    I may have made mistakes with people, and I take responsibility for that, but not only take Responsibility, but be man enough to say "I'm Sorry"!!!!


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