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Lord be with Us all!!!!!

So it seems its clear sailing for Obama
YEAH RIGHT the media is so full of shit
PLEASE what the hell is Iowa?
Anyway they talking this Change shit...Since When AmeriKKKa about change
U know the Southern White voter that go out and Vote
Please Obama will get NY and Cali
The rednecks got their voter registration cards out this morning
and that’s it I’m scared cause if he gets the Dem nod
that’s another 4 years of some red neck in the office
another Republican in the white house
I'm so mad at Obama people don’t understand
I Love change but it’s NOT TIME!
It’s a long way to the white house
I don't understand why people Hate Hillary
She is a strong Woman
they are not thinking long term
And the backing of Bill Clinton
I don’t care which one
All one in the same to me
but u know blacks
They will vote black because they see a black face it runs deeper
Obama isn’t looking to get the black vote
He wants the youth
And we all know blacks don't vote
And if they do they all live in state he would already have locked

based on a convo w/ SM

8 Responses to “Lord be with Us all!!!!!”

  1. # Blogger bLaQ~n~MiLD

    I don't care for Hilary Clinton and would never vote for her. I do not agree with her political stances and don't get me started on William Jefferson Clinton... Have no intentions on voting for Obama either because he has not done anything that warrents him being in the White House.


  2. # Blogger fuzzy

    I need to dive into this and gain some information so I may make an educated vote. I will not vote unless I know who the hell I am voting for!  

  3. # Anonymous 17 year old male

    I actually wanted Dodd.
    But he dropped out.
    Next best choice is Obama (Hillary reminds me of Bush in a skirt).
    And as a young black male, I think I'm a little offended by the idea that we don't vote, lol.  

  4. # Anonymous Brian B.

    "I Love change but it’s NOT TIME!
    It’s a long way to the white house"

    ...and this is the type of thinking that puts our country behind others.

    As far as politics go, change should ALWAYS be welcomed...you cannot sit there and say "it's not time"...this isn't the fashion industry, this is politics. We see the state our government is in, and the CHANGE is needed to propel our country back to the state it was in the late 1990's into 2000....relaxed.

    Personally, I would rather see a Clinton in office again, but Obama is intelligent and clear, so if he does win, I would still sleep better at night knowing that my nation is not under the control of country bumpkins.

    This is the last you will ever hear me speak of political issues.  

  5. # Anonymous Javo4k

    I don usually comment but I totally agree with you. I cannot see how anyone can reason Obama actually winning the primary election. This coming from the same country that for the past year has been dealing with various noose hangings around the country, the Jena 6, Don Imus, the list goes on and on. Now as a young, black man I am definately pro anything that raises us up as a people but we all know this is a set up for failure. Obama wont win, and if by chance he did he'd probably be assasinated. I mean its sad to say but probably true. America is not ready yet. They are barely ready for Hillary and if she was just some random woman she wouldnt have a chance in hell, but out of all the democratic candidates I believe she is the best person for the job  

  6. # Anonymous Jared Shuler

    Thank You javo4k!
    We all know I'm all Flowers and Butterflies!
    But I like to sit in the seat of reality.  

  7. # Anonymous charlie

    I make it my business to avoid discussing religion or politics. Just one suggestion to all closed minded individuals be open to change no matter who wins they will be much better than what we have now.  

  8. # Anonymous Mendy

    Okay I Know i'm late on this one but.. All I have to say is New Hampshire!!!!! Go Hillary. Now the media and some Americans talking bout the Country is ready for change!!! Bullshit.. if this country was ready for change it would have been dealt with the way minorities are treated as second class citizens, the disparity in education, health care, housing, income, justice, how minorities receive higher interest rates for mortgages, the prision industrial complex, racial profiling, voting rights in for felons who have served their time in Mississippi, Nooses being hung from Louisiana to New York, the mordern day lynching of our Black Men... OHHH Hell Naw.. Now this country think Obama is gonna bring bout change? Sounds really nice politically, hell they comparing him to JFK, Martin and such.. what they setting the stage to let us know how the story "might" end? In a racist society like this one in which we refuse to talk and settle the racism that exist folks actually believe that the electorate is WILLING to elect a BLACK MAN to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and think that will bring about change? People wake up!! Obama is extremely intelligent and I have nothing but high regards for him, but this ain't bout Obama, it ain't bout Change, It's bout keeping shit real!! There ain't no change without revolution and trust me our society has become so passive and dormant that the sound of the word change is like a breath of fresh air...

    I'm a Hillary Supporter Dang it.. When I go to the voting booth i'm voting for experience not some political rhetoric "change" that sounds good. Obama the people of Illinois elected you to be their Senator, the first two years of your term you ran across America helping to get the Democrats elected, the 2nd two years you on the road running for President and the next two years, you're gonna be telling the folks of Illinois why you should be reelected to the Senate.. Trust me, you might be reelected but it will be because of your popularity, not on the work you've done as senator in your first term, obviously you haven't been around, Mr. Junior Senator from the State of Illinois.


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