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Adoring Placebo

Musk, Mighty, shy, so far venerable,
I laid with my head in his chest, arm rubbing my lower back. A rush of comfort over a life time of lust suited me Armani style. Kiss your pretty pink lips was inquired?! That would do zilch but add to the statistic, and I wasn’t about counting toes, as a way to calculate lovers.
Legs wrapped Christmas tight. Heads tilled so slightly to avoid pending morning breath. I feel alive for a moment, connected. He trust me! He wants me! wake refreshed, laugh loud the be wildered feeling of slumbering so well laid. Bodies puzzle pieces, rear and with out intent. thanks for the placebo.

4 Responses to “Adoring Placebo”

  1. # Blogger Playboy Adonis

    The writing inspired me to write this a.p

    His embrace hid me from the worlds worries. I drifted in and out of sleep snug in the strength of his arms. We were rising to a place that even orgasms could not make go flacid. Just he, and I, and us.

    If true love exists, then this would surely be it. No explainations or reasons were required for why the reality of our dream had existed. What placebo could possibly cause this?  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    One of the best album covers ever.  

  3. # Blogger life

    Has someone found a cuddle buddy?  

  4. # Anonymous Adam

    OMG, i used to be obsessed with Placebo in high school! I think that "Black Market Music" was my favorite album, though i had 4 of their albums. "Taste in Men" was one of the songs that got me addicted to them. It's nice to find another fan, especially someone who is black :), i don't run across many. I think that you have inspired me to play one of their CDs tonight.  

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