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Return to Saturn { Working over time}

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The Saturn return is an astrological phenomenon that occurs in a person's life at approximately 27–30 years of age and again around the age of 58–60, with the third and usually final occurrence around 86-88. The planet Saturn takes approximately 29.5 years to orbit the Sun; when it returns to the exact degree along the ecliptic it occupied at the time of a person's birth this is referred to as their "Saturn Return".

This is why astrologers believe that the thirtieth birthday is such a major rite of passage and is considered by many astrologers to mark the "true beginning" of adulthood, self-evaluation, independence, responsibility, ambition, and full maturation.

I came upon something about myself today, thought I share it!

1:24:43 PM amour.propre: Q
1:24:48 PM amour.propre: I have realized
1:24:51 PM amour.propre: Im nuts
1:24:59 PM sin122001: i just realized that
1:25:04 PM amour.propre: I never really healed from my past
1:25:15 PM amour.propre: lol
1:25:19 PM amour.propre: that I was nuts
1:25:20 PM amour.propre: lol
1:25:21 PM sin122001: which part
1:25:36 PM amour.propre: My father,
1:25:41 PM sin122001: o
1:25:43 PM sin122001: wht about him
1:25:46 PM amour.propre: abusive by my step
1:25:55 PM sin122001: really
1:25:57 PM amour.propre: He was never around
1:26:00 PM amour.propre: never met him
1:26:07 PM amour.propre: my step used to beat me with in an inch of my life
1:26:15 PM sin122001: awwwww
1:26:17 PM amour.propre: I never told my mother will I was 25
1:26:32 PM amour.propre: I held alot of pissed feeling with her
1:26:43 PM amour.propre: I thought being open about it was enough
1:26:45 PM amour.propre: but its not
1:27:19 PM sin122001: have u confronted him
1:27:36 PM amour.propre: No
1:27:39 PM amour.propre: the step
1:27:47 PM amour.propre: he is cracked out and living in SC
1:27:54 PM sin122001: o
1:27:59 PM amour.propre: my father I'd have to find
1:28:05 PM amour.propre: to give an ear full
1:28:05 PM sin122001: ok
1:28:09 PM sin122001: yea
1:28:13 PM amour.propre: but
1:28:19 PM amour.propre: when I met a man
1:28:26 PM amour.propre: I put all of that on them
1:28:31 PM sin122001: ok
1:28:33 PM amour.propre: so I always need them there
1:28:51 PM amour.propre: I need to be validated on the fact that Im loved
1:29:02 PM amour.propre: or that they aren’t leaving
1:29:06 PM amour.propre: and that’s not fair
1:29:10 PM amour.propre: to whomever
1:29:11 PM sin122001: ok, got it
1:29:29 PM amour.propre: well not angry so much
1:29:32 PM amour.propre: just broken
1:29:39 PM amour.propre: I mean crazy
1:29:41 PM amour.propre: Im not
1:29:45 PM amour.propre: just broken
1:30:26 PM sin122001: yeah i know your not crazy
1:30:44 PM amour.propre: lol
1:34:07 PM amour.propre: well thank u
1:34:11 PM sin122001: just troubled
1:34:15 PM sin122001: but then again
1:34:18 PM sin122001: we all are in some way
1:34:18 PM amour.propre: lol
1:34:27 PM amour.propre: glad I realized that
1:34:59 PM sin122001: yeah me 2
1:35:11 PM sin122001: cuz the minute u truely believe ur a wackjob
1:35:15 PM sin122001: u become a wackjob
1:35:19 PM amour.propre: well I better come to terms quick, before I miss
1:35:28 PM amour.propre: out on someone good! LORD I got to get out my own way

I want to be loved to validate the fact that I am loved!

4 Responses to “Return to Saturn { Working over time}”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Wow, I can so relate to this on so many levels. My step father and I have never been close. A few days ago, he confirmed that he knows that I think he doesn't love me and or like for that matter. But he said he didn't care. Because if he didn't then he wouldn't do the mediocre duties as a "father" figure that he does now. This feeling of being unloved has crippled me to a point where I go beyond the call of duty to prove that I care or that I love a person. Sometimes the love is returned but most of the time it isn't. I haven't healed mainly because I still seek his approval, his love, equal respect that I have given him all this years. Respect that he doesn't deserve but I gave mostly out of fear because he demanded as being head of the household and the one that is married to my mother. Will I ever heal, I don't know. But I find myself crossing my t(s) and dotting my i(s) with the closet of people in my life. I will never either because unfortunately they don't make neosporin for the soul.  

  2. # Blogger Robert Jones, Jr.

    No need for validation, Jared. When you love yourself FIRST everything else falls into place.

    Love yourself FIRST.


  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    saturn returns is very necessary... i love this entry.  

  4. # Blogger J

    I agree with Mr. Jones.. Although it is a tiring journey but self love and validation is key to being successfull in any arena in life, especially relationships. I have a philosphy, people don't need to search for better halfs because both parties will be cheated. One whole individual needs a whole individual who is compataple with them. Moving on from your past is a hard thing to do but as long as your steadfast in trying to sift through it and be successful you will be fine! I mean you already are anyway! Love yourself because we do! Me especially  

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