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Simple Blah

Simple Blah

If you haven’t heard it being local NY news and all, a quick rewind in a nutshell! The discovery of a hangman's noose on the office door of a black professor at Columbia University's Teachers College Tuesday night, prompting outrage from students and faculty.

I simple roll my eyes, and here is why.

Yes it is a great time in history for black folks in the UNITED STATES. I have stated this before! But I’m basically tired of black people thinking that we are on an equal playing ground then when shit like this happens black people make noise and then its over, there is no change without a revolution!!!
You can predict how long black folks will protest these days like these silly Negros who think OBAMA (I do like the brother, but really now) has a chance and nooses are being hung from Louisiana to New York give me a break!
See I admired the Jews and well as most cultures outside of the blacks, they stick together through and through but us. We get a little degree, get a little job, make less than our white counter part and all of a sudden... there is no race problem for black folks....
Then when we think we made it we sit with white folks and think we arrived.. Then talk shit bout how black folks need to do better for themselves... I'm like Negro look to your left look to your right... it’s by design that there ain't any more black folks around you...
And not by your design... Simple we don’t control this! We have to stop acting the part.
Shut up and Start controlling shit! Focus on us instead of focusing on having them accept us.

…..and I’m done!

Based on a convo with SM! Thanks Boo!

11 Responses to “Simple Blah”

  1. # Blogger Juan4u2know

    "If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation…want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightening. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters…. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."

    Frederick Douglass, 1857  

  2. # Blogger Darian

    Well said Jared. I agree with you 100%  

  3. # Blogger Andre J. Allen II

    kudos kudos.  

  4. # Anonymous SM

    Oh there was a rally at Teachers College, so I strolled over from my office to add to the numbers, Bill Perkins was there, The Manhattan Borough President, the President of Teachers College, Student Leaders, signs denouncing the cowardly act, a very diverse group of people from the Columbia community and of course the media. Well after all speech were made and Professor Constantine made a brief statement one particular student lead the audience in an good old black Negro spiritual prayer.... Praying to "Father God" for this and that... I'm like why black folks always when they are insulted pray to "Father God"??? Hell Black Folks been Praying to this "Father God" since "Religion" was shoved down their throat over 400 years ago!! At that point I was totally disgusted and had enough... And the Protest was over and short lived as predicted.....thank "Father God"  

  5. # Anonymous Lady J

    Christians, in my experience, are one of the most fake people in this existence, especially black ones. God will not help them because he only helps those who help themselves. God has no control over mankind, hence the freewill factor. I am so with you Jared. Once a race feels superior to you, or the planet, it will not change. They know who to tolerate and are forced to tolerate us so that they can get what they want, paid slaves. You and I both know that this is what we are, Oprah is one too. When we were slaves, we were trying to escape at every opportunity, now we just want to get off the field and into the house. That is a damn shame.  

  6. # Blogger Donnie

    I thought you were going in a totally different direction when I first read this, but after reading it, I must say that I agree with you. For one thing, if a simple noose is enough to throw everyone off, we got a problem.  

  7. # Blogger fuzzy

    "Christians, in my experience, are one of the most fake people in this existence, especially black ones." I love that statement because it holds great truth! One thing I work on daily!

    I totally agree with what was said. I do pose a question, How do we get power to control things? The ones that make it up to the stage in the game of being surrounded by whites, they need to trickle down some of the power! Stop acting like someone is going to take our position and enable some more blacks to come up and have more power so its easier for us to control things!  

  8. # Anonymous SM

    okay fuzzy wazzy waz ah bear...since when did change begin at the Top? except for pink slips. Perhaps Black Folks can begin by spending their dollars at black owned businesses, hell if you just stand on 125th, Fulton Mall in BK, Jamaica Avenue in Queens, Fordham Road in the Bronx between 7pm and 9:30pm you can watch those black dollars walk out our neighborhoods, hop in a foreign car and head to Jersey, Long Island and further North of the city. A black dollar circulates ONE (1) time in the black community and then it is GONE! a dollar in the Jewish community circulates about SIX (1,2,3,4,5,6) times before it MIGHT be able to get DA hell outta of that community. But of course we got the "Alleged Black Bourgeoisie" spending that 60% of what their white counterpart is making at the same places where their white counterparts actually can afford it and they can't. Build Assets, Invest, Get Life Insurance Policies, Pay Off your debts, Build Wealth so when your ass drop dead cuz you are schedule to die before your white counterpart you leave wealth to your family.  

  9. # Blogger Ailed LittleKnight

    the only thing that will get black folks to team up is a mass threat! and even then you will have problems getting everyone to cooperate  

  10. # Anonymous lady j


    We've done it before, but this concept excapes us. I live in a depressed city and there are more empty store fronts then businessess. I dream of Blacks with money acting as philanthropist and invesing in start up black owned businessess. Opening resturants is a poor investment unless you are a renowned chef. It could happen, but will it? I wish I could have a chat with Russell, Oprah, Michael, Samuel, and a few NBA'ers into the whole notion, but unless I am Barack, I couldn't get the audience. Oh yeah on another note, if Barack wins the democratic ticket, be ready for the elephants to run the White House for another 4 years. Vote for Edwards, he is the only competitor that could stand a chance against them.  

  11. # Blogger Kingdom Artists

    I agree with you Jared. I am very grateful thoughtful black men like yourself who don't settle for the easy answers to society's greatest challenges.

    It response to the Christian bashers among us. Before you go on a rampage denouncing all Christians as fakes and hypocrites remember what it feels like when are blacks are lumped into one category or all gay people are lumped into a category as if there is no diversity of thought and action within a community. Everyone is a different place in their journey to become more like Christ. Along that journey there are mistakes that are made. Don't use the shortcomings and hypocrisy of a few to destroy message of Christ to world that needs more love, more hope, more reconciliation and all in all a great change. The center of Christianity is Jesus Christ. Don't judge Him by the shortcomings of those who claim to follow him...  

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