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Bitting the Bullet-- and its afterglow-- I think?

Kiddies you will be happy to know. I bit the bullet! I told "them"! "Them" write back and yeah! Glad I did it at 28 lol. I was going to post my note, then "them" reply, but I need to have something for myself! I guess I'm content and I'm heartbroken. Content because I got it off my heart, anyone that knows me personal, can pretty much say I don't keep emotion in. I'm heartbroken because I have to tell "them" I can no longer speak with "them" for the betterment of me. Leaving that gate open sounds good, but one O good gust of wind, and the bitch is wide.

Anyway thank you Family, for helping me. I'm usually the one given advice. It feels so great to know when I need it, there are open arms to welcome me in!

7 Responses to “Bitting the Bullet-- and its afterglow-- I think?”

  1. # Anonymous RC

    Tomorrow will be the begining of a new chapter in the book that is your life - congrats!  

  2. # Blogger Robert Jones, Jr.

    There might be moments of fear in which you might think you shouldn't have said it, but when you reflect upon your life as you mature, you'll realize that there is no difference between truth and courage and love.

    You honored yourself by telling him your truth.  

  3. # Anonymous Jimmy

    I admire you for being able to do something that was obviously so difficult for you to do. Right now, it's going to be a bit uncomfortable and you may even find yourself thinking about him from time to time, but I think in the long run, you'll be able to be satisfied with the decision. It'll allow you to be happier and be able to love individuals who're willing to reciprocate the feeling.

    When giving my advice to you, I felt like I was literally speaking to myself and that was a real eye opener. The advice I gave you, I also plan on following. Hopefully it'll bring me the relief it's beginning to bring you.  

  4. # Anonymous IN(NER)SIGHT

    Kudos, for choosing to invite yourself into the next highest vision OF yourself. Growth, as you know, isn't always confortable or cute, but its always necessary and beautiful....


  5. # Blogger Spencer Grant

    Simple Lessons in Becoming Myself!  

  6. # Blogger Andre J. Allen II

    another year of growth as you becoming wiser and a new look into life of men  

  7. # Blogger No4real4real

    Say it ain't so...  

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