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I have learned to think of friends in two ways, so listen closely.
Image your in a club, popping it, having a good old time. Then you suddenly hear there is a fire. I don’t mean a kitchen fire, I mean a blaze it about to happen. Now here is the kicker.
A. Are your “friends” inside looking for you, making sure you get out?
B. Waiting outside for you, saying “Bitch I’m glad you made it out”.

True Love and Friendship is putting someone before you, now when you think of people in your circle, put them in this Scenario, you be surprise what you get.

4 Responses to “shhhh”

  1. # Anonymous T-Jay

    I would carry your ass out if I had to..but would probably wait outside for Craig and dem..just being truthful boo boo  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    My Grandmother always use to say .. everyone is not your friend because a friend is someone who would lay down their life for u.... nuff said....


  3. # Blogger WhozHe

    Depends on how hot the fire is and if I'm close to the exit door.  

  4. # Blogger Dayne Avery

    I love the way you put this. I know I can't count on many to save me, but I'm thankful for the ones that would.  

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