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Question of The Week! Wednesday 12/26/2007

Question of the week!


Usually I have these damn Questions Drummed up in my mind, This week I was at a total blank, not to certain what to write or express. Then as design likes to show its ass. The subject popped up. Simple I spoke with a friend via IM and this question came to mind!

In relationships are we so used to surviving each other, that we no longer know how to love one another? When He or She comes along, would we even notice?

Question of the Week! {12/19/2007---12/26/2007)

Question of the Week? {12/19/07----12/26/2007}

This is for all the single people out there!
List three things you miss about being in a relationship?
List three things you so don’t miss even slightly?

I usually tend to like you guys to answer the question first, But you know what I’m feeling frisky today, so here you go!

Things I miss!
1. Nasty vulgar passionate mad sex! I’m a bit of a whore in bed, cant go there with a jump off
2. I miss the us against the world, feeling! No matter how much we fight, love,kiss; bite whatever, you ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!
3. I miss catering to someone. Shoot I’m a Virgo. It’s what I do!

Things I so DON’T miss!
1. Insecurity raging it hideous head, because of past hurt!
2. My partner not understanding me!


"I really do love listenin ta ur blogs! Everything u b saying b right on point n so true. N ppl really dnt lik hearing dat kinda stuff lik delaing wit HIV n relationships n bills etc.. Anyway i jus really wanted u ta kno dat. I hope u have a safe n blessed hoilday season! P.S. I hope u post sum more blogs soon! LOL... Love Ya!"


Sometimes doing something so simple from your heart! Can mean the world to another!
Remember what this Holiday is really about.

James Lipton Style!

<More Things you don’t know about me….

What is your favorite word?

What is your least favorite word?
In a minute {Statement whatever}

What turns you off?


What sound or noise do you love?

The sound of children laughing

What sound or noise do you hate?
People cutting there nails

What it your favorite curse word?

What profession other then your own would you like to attempt?
I always wanted to act, and damn it I will?

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Thank you for getting it! And helping other try to get it too!

Adoring Placebo

Musk, Mighty, shy, so far venerable,
I laid with my head in his chest, arm rubbing my lower back. A rush of comfort over a life time of lust suited me Armani style. Kiss your pretty pink lips was inquired?! That would do zilch but add to the statistic, and I wasn’t about counting toes, as a way to calculate lovers.
Legs wrapped Christmas tight. Heads tilled so slightly to avoid pending morning breath. I feel alive for a moment, connected. He trust me! He wants me! wake refreshed, laugh loud the be wildered feeling of slumbering so well laid. Bodies puzzle pieces, rear and with out intent. thanks for the placebo.

Damn The Laundry really is dirty!

Despite three sold out weekend performances and a considerable $12,000 weekend gross, the management at Manhattan's Clearview Chelsea Theater made the highly unusual decision to pull the plug on Maurice Jamal's Dirty Laundry, which stars Rockmond Dunbar and Loretta Devine. Theater Management "expressed concern that 'the producers may have bought the gross' ", reports Keith Boykin, who is the associate producer of the film and his partner Nathan H. Williams is the executive producer. Our review of the film and interview with director Maurice Jamal is in the current issue of The Advocate.

"They expressed suspicion because there were $1,500 in advance ticket sales for Sunday before the theater opened," Keith adds. "I hate to say it, but this smacks of racism, plain and simple. Black LGBT people have to fight every step of the way just to get a movie into the theaters, and even then, the theater owners would rather lose money than continue running a successful black LGBT movie. That makes no sense."

A friend and I went and saw the film Monday night. It was a delight to say the least. I'm a little confused at the moment, as to why? In Hollywood, it’s about money! Dollar and cents, does racism overcome money? From what I've seen nothing trumps the all mighty dollar. So to have a successful film at a theater in the heart of Chelsea the gayest area of New York City, I’m truly in limbo. There is a greater force working here! On one hand the movie allegedly had no marketing plan. There was no rolling release...and the movie was not pulling people in after the wknd...it cost a lot to show movies...especially when folks aren’t showing up. There where no previews which I've never seen in my life but you get previews when you are backed by a major party, because people will come to a major release and see your preview which makes sense. We will see where this goes. I wish all the people that had there hand in this first-rate flick, the best of luck!

Question of the Week (12-12-07 thou 12-19-07)

Why does it seem we can have great friends around us but would never date them? Are we being optimistic in waiting for what "we want" in love, or just dense?

Question of the week {12-5-07-12-12-07}


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