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Question of the Week! {12/19/2007---12/26/2007)

Question of the Week? {12/19/07----12/26/2007}

This is for all the single people out there!
List three things you miss about being in a relationship?
List three things you so don’t miss even slightly?

I usually tend to like you guys to answer the question first, But you know what I’m feeling frisky today, so here you go!

Things I miss!
1. Nasty vulgar passionate mad sex! I’m a bit of a whore in bed, cant go there with a jump off
2. I miss the us against the world, feeling! No matter how much we fight, love,kiss; bite whatever, you ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!
3. I miss catering to someone. Shoot I’m a Virgo. It’s what I do!

Things I so DON’T miss!
1. Insecurity raging it hideous head, because of past hurt!
2. My partner not understanding me!

11 Responses to “Question of the Week! {12/19/2007---12/26/2007)”

  1. # Blogger antneya

    Hmm let me see

    What I miss:
    1. I miss the togetherness you feel with the other person.

    2. I miss being able to let go and let someone else steer the wheel for a change.

    3. I miss being In Love and being there for the other person

    What I Dont Miss

    1. I dont miss the constant prying from others into the relationship.

    2. I dont miss the feeling you get after you have an argument and your not speaking to one another.

    3. I dont miss having to start all over with someone else after the relationship has ended.  

  2. # Anonymous Mars8319

    What I miss:
    1. Looking into the eyes of my lover and making sure they know my heart beats for them without words but just by my gaze.

    2. Feeling like nothing is too much to handle because I know I have someone to go through life with and calm my every frustration.

    3. The touch of someone you love and who loves you at the end of the night when everything has calmed and you feel safe and secure in them.

    What I don't miss:
    1. MY insecurities and never being FULLY comfortable in the skin of the relationship...

    2. Being away from the person I'm in love with when all I can do is think of them and desire to be with them.

    3. Feeling like I'm giving 90% and they're giving 10%...  

  3. # Blogger Bernie

    What I miss:

    1. Knowing there's somebody waiting for me to come home, someone who cares what happens to me, who is looking out for me.

    2. Cuddling on the couch in front of the tv.

    3. Always having someone to do things with.

    What I don't miss:

    1. Infidelity

    2. Being taken advantage of

    3. The slow, steady destruction of my ability to trust  

  4. # Anonymous charlie

    this is a good one

    I miss falling asleep in the arms of my love & drifting off into heaven.

    I miss watching the sunset while holding hands just enjoying the simple pleasures of life together.

    I miss making love. Sex is something different.

    What I don’t miss is


    Someone thinking they can control me.

    The void one feel in the heart after the relationship ends. Where does the love go?  

  5. # Anonymous Justise25

    I miss:
    1. The kissing, holding, laughter, slow ALL night long SEX!
    2. Waking up next to someone at least two times a week!
    3. Simply being in the same room doing my thing and he is doing his thing!
    What I don't miss!
    1. The breakup
    2. Selfishness (on his part)
    3. Not willing to let things go sooner  

  6. # Anonymous CSW


    1. the ultimate form of friendship.

    2. not having to worry about where sex was coming from.

    3. having more to do on the weekends.

    dont miss

    1. having the same argument over and over.

    2. frustration

    3. compromising  

  7. # Blogger Monica

    I Miss....
    the ease of making love to someone who knows what you want & need.

    being cuddled up on a rainy or snowy (for us New Yorkers) day under a blanket enjoying some comfort food.

    looking up & seeing him smile at me just because he loves me & he knows that I love him.

    I don't miss....
    really hurtful fights.

    being vulnerable to someone who is closed off.

    not being enough.  

  8. # Blogger Daryn

    I don't really qualify to answer this (and don't have enough responses) because I've never been in a real relationship but the things i miss about my non-relationship are:

    1. the attention (feeling wanted/needed/desired)
    2. cuddles!!!!

    i don't miss:
    1. feeling emotionally inadequate
    2. feeling sexually inadequate  

  9. # Blogger Playboy Adonis

    LOL...well I've been watching my 10 year relationship go down the drain so I'm slowly moving into this realization of truly being single though we are still tight friends (true friendship is hard to come by)

    What I will miss:
    I will miss getting kisses on my face that lead to kisses on my lips, neck, nipples and other places. But I know that if I ever fall in love again that the person will be able to provide these sexual things. But sometimes it is the person. Sometimes you want the person who is doing these things to be a specific person. But I know that I can open my heart again to someone that wants to do these things to me and be as passionate and spiritual with that person.

    I will miss going out feeling that it was just us against the entire world. I like feeling that I belong to something powerful and strong. I like feeling like I am a part of a team working hard for a common thing.

    I will miss being out in public and glancing over at my boo and feeling like 'yeah...that is my boo right there'. Mainly cause of the physical looks but also cause of the personality that was in him. He didn't do or have much but he could always make the whole room notice and pay attention to his views on life and business.

    What I will NOT miss:
    I will not miss misunderstanding.

    I will not miss everybody flirting with him right in front of me.

    I will not miss working to pay the bills and spending all my money on him just to hear him say that I don't do anything for him.

    I will not miss hearing his ex girlfriend on his cell phone bitch about her life while he and I are out at a restaurant.  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    1. The Companionship
    2. Experiencing things for the first time with them
    3. The hot, sweaty, nasty sex you have at the most random moments  

  11. # Anonymous james corey

    I miss:
    1. Remembering what it feels like to love.
    2. That touch...and you KNOW what I'm talking about. It's not sexual, and it really might not be anything to them, but to you, it's that accidental touch when you're in the bed or walking past each other that makes you want to feel it again, get closer, stay closer, and never let go.
    3. That scream, that blast, cursing him out, calling him names, that hold, that pillow-in-the-face, that moment...when you're CUMMIN' like a mothafucka...and you do the same damn thing to him, but 10 times better :oD (then you cuddle, and don't even consider it to be sex, but quality time with your MAN)

    I DON'T miss:
    1. Dude pissing me off and letting shit go, but if I do something, THIIIS NIGGA wanna get an aaaattitude lol things like that build up, and build up, and then eventually SOMETHING has to be said...that's when it gets ugly
    2. Wondering why he doesn't care about me the way I care about him
    3. the pain when it's over. gets worse every time. ("i knew better than to try again, so why the fuck did i even bother?!")  

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