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The Maze

To day was a dead work day, mainly do to the fact that I work in HR, and the oncoming Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. Look I’m so not complaining. As anyone who reads my blog knows I’ll be turning 30 next year. I go in and out with this fact. But all in all it is a damn fact! I’m 30 fine, whatever!

Well I was on my gmail convo with some 30 year old ish acquaintances of mine. Going back and forth via email nothing negative always a building process. But from what I realize it ain’t no different in your 30’s as it is in your 20’s, or that’s what I’m getting from these convo’s. Can I buy everyone a Erykah Badu Cd and Put Bag lady on repeat, WTF. Have we gotten so lost in the maze*, that we’ve forgotten what daylight looks like? What happen to Faith? What happen to Fuck’em? That’s there shit not mine! What happen to being ok with being alone? Is this a conception of the media, feeding your subconscious with what Love needs to be, or have we put so much anxiety on ourselves to want it all? No ones perfect! And why would you want them to be cause you sure aint damn close. We are here to be happy, and make other people happy! No one, NO ONE! Should make you forget why you are here, we need to refuse to allow it! Please hit me in the head with a brick if I ever say.
"I won’t or I can’t", because of what someone did to me in my past. That simply is there shit, not mine.

The Maze*

Enter nose wide, heart unlock, mistaken raindrops for chocolate, young, sweet, tender. Slicing thou knowing the world is yours, and learning the basics on the way. The Sign reads the Maze, and you see no other means of getting to the other side so you enter like the rest. ‘Lambs to the slaughter’. The maze is set up so stunning, full of people with like minds, mirrors to show your reflection and how faultless you are, invincible even. In time in the maze you part friends with the like minded, and you begin to find your own way, still remembering why you entered the maze in the 1st place kind of. After a while the dead ends catch up to you, and you assume you’ve made this turn before, you surely don’t want to go that way again, it leads to a dead end, right? I think? I’m confused! In that bewilder state, you need to take a break maybe I should set up camp here, if only for a little while I’ve began to grow weary. Before you know it, this is no longer a summer camp out. You’ve begin to exist here, you adopt a pet, you buy a car. You basically set up shop. Forgetting that the goal was to get out the all along.

Don’t get so comfortable in your puzzled state that you forget what the light of day looks like!

4 Responses to “The Maze”

  1. # Anonymous Wade

    AMEN! I'm in the process of trying to find the way out of my maze right now....However, one could view LIFE as a Maze itself, and possibly our 20's are a maze within a maze....an enigma of sorts. (look at me getting all deep - that's YOUR job! lol) Love the post babes!  

  2. # Anonymous Brian B.

    Eh...the way I see it, being in your 20's is basically living the way you wish you could live when you were in your teens-with money, freedom from the parents, a cell phone and numerous boyfriends. At least that is what our culture depicts.

    However, with this new found freedom comes a sense of responsibility and confusion, with many 20-somethings asking their other 20-something friends who they are and what do they want out of life...the same questions we were asked by our high school guidance counselors, yet we still do not know the answer to that question.

    With that being said, 30 is the new 20. Many people could care less what you do with your early twenties, just as much as people don't care what you accomplished in high school and the teen years. Your 30's is the time to really live, to take advantage of what you have built for yourself and truly enjoy it...unless you adopt a kid or something, then you are in trouble...hold that one off until the 40's!

    and for the record, if anyone ever dropped me in that maze you posted, I would curl into one of the corners and cry.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous



  4. # Blogger Playboy Adonis

    It is always good chatting with you; so first, thanks for the chat.

    Then, I do not like to blow things out of proportion; however, I do like to make the things that I say (or type) meaningful and thought-worthy. Forgive me if I jump to conclusion.

    I agree that you should simply enjoy the current age, but, I feel your concern and I even have thoughts about my next year(s).

    Life was meant to be enjoyed but life was also meant to show and teach us so that we gain wisdom and are able to care about and teach one another. You already know that Life is not going to be easy all the time. I've learned to enjoy the challenges that come in life just as much as I enjoy the cashes.

    There are many times in my life when I feel as though I'm in a stagnate state of being and when you wrote that we soon forget that the purpose is to reach the other side, I felt a connection with your article. I work so hard but I always feel that I don't have enough or that I'm not working hard enough. These thoughts of mine are related to the current state; but, I want to enjoy my thirties and forties so I must focus on certain things today before that time comes. I've been working ever since I turned 15 so I fell in love with my work. Now I'm learning to fall in love with the other parts of my life even though the overall goal is to reach the other side.

    I am not one of those people who do not cherrish small things. You probably know that I was in the foster care system and that I was never adopted...so, I have come to enjoy and appreciate the smallest of things such as the time that I spend with a bug or spider that's crawling around my feet when I stop and rest while I job in the park. I look down and smile because I feel that God put us that bug and I together at that instance in eternal time to take a break and enjoy each other's presence.

    Enjoy this second, hour, day, week, month, and year...but plan and keep pressing toward your goals because we all have to reach the other side of this maze and nobody has the master solution. We are all trying to make it to somewhere.

    I don't know why people try to get in the way of each other or why they try to hurt one another. That takes away the pleasure of life. I would rather be alone than be around people who criticize or talk bad about other people. My thoughts on this are: "if we can use this brain power to think all these things...why not use it to think about the next greatest thing?..and let's work toward these things we think and talk about!.."

    People sit around and talk about other people as though they are the universal authority. I commend everyone who tries because only a weak person would sit around and make fun or talk about other people. That's wasted energy.

    sidenotes: When I first saw your last post titled...something like "me and my boo" or something...I thought to myself: "Oh no, somebody done snatched up his little cute ass. What am I to do now"

    Conclusion: If you have tried to do something positive and people are not using that positive thing to do their own positive thing; but, would rather hate or talk and critize...strengthen yourself and be reminded that we all have to walk alone at times. When they talk bad about you or bad about people you know, then stop and ask them to show you how its suppose to be done. The person who can do it profoundly knows the value of time and would never waste their time talking about people or things that do not yield benefits.

    Remember when you were there for your cousin when that other family member criticized her for thinking about traveling to another country? Always be the positive risk taker at every age of your life and if you find a frown upon your face then call me and I'll do whatever I can to make you smile.  

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