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Who needs smart when you have ABS?!

My Good Friend Jimmy, is so Phine. LOL
No like Really he is! He has a new Calender out, and I want to show the world.
Order my boy's Calender. Tell him I sent ya. Here is a lil Peek.

GET IT! Don't be the last one!


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4 Responses to “Who needs smart when you have ABS?!”

  1. # Anonymous twinston1911

    he is simply beautiful, dang they make them that good up in ny, i need to come visit :)  

  2. # Blogger fuzzy

    lol @ twiston1911!!!

    Ummm abs are great, but smarts would be good to go on top of it!  

  3. # Anonymous moody605

    I agree, smarts just complete the package...and what a sexy package it is.  

  4. # Blogger Donnie

    are you saying your friend isn't smart?  

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