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On a more personal note.

I'm having a Claim it day! These are all Things I (WIll)!

Things I want in life, as of Now!

1.I will have a New Job.
2.I will be in LOVE.
3.I will be a hugh success with my future endeavor.

Those 3 are my focus!

In Life if you can't affirm it, and say it to the world, how in the hell do you think its going to happen?

6 Responses to “On a more personal note.”

  1. # Anonymous IN(NER)SIGHT

    I was going to refer you to this link before, then I thought "no, forget it" but after coming by your blog today for some reason (and i dont come here often) and reading this post, perhaps this is a great time for a refresher course (smile). Maybe you'll hear something that you don't already know or weren't ready to hear before.....

    go to YouTube and search for:

    The Secret Law of Attraction in 700 words Story Waters 2/3

    good luck in your actualization..  

  2. # Blogger Spencer Grant

    Thank you! In(ner)sight  

  3. # Anonymous In(ner)sight

    ne pas problem mon frere. You're more than welcome.  

  4. # Blogger Robert Jones, Jr.

    Conversations with God, The Prayer of Jabez, The Secret, The Four Agreements, The Seat of the Soul; all of these texts say the same thing: you create your own reality.

    You're on the right track, J! May you have all you desire.


  5. # Blogger WhozHe

    New here but, affirmations always work to keep my mind positive and focused on gaols.  

  6. # Blogger Ty

    Best wishes on your goals.  

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