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The Law

The Creator is one of time and understanding. I have many times over discussed living in ones reality, Learning and trying to understand design, letting the universe work you ova, as well as pimping it in-between. Living in color, and being someone brother. Living in your pain on a stage, so people can give you a hand, and take something home with them. In my walks thou design I have met someone, whom has lived all these wonderful and life-affirming actions. Blog world I would Love to introduce you to Lawson Bowman. My friend living with

HIV, and his road to triumph, love, pain, and back again. Here lays his passage.

So you guys can met him 1st hand. Video Blog to come soon!

Show my boy some love!

2 Responses to “The Law”

  1. # Blogger fuzzy

    I believe the best thing you can dofor your friend is let it be know you are available for whatever they need that you can provide them. They have known for 8 months. Giving them a hug will send them down memory lane and dreate feelings that may be less than joyful. Be mindful of his feelings. Dont be too intrusive but dont be offset either. Support is key! Hope all goes well  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    HIV is tough. I wonder if your friend wanted/has children. Choosing a life mate, a one nightstand will now be the challenging part. I have/had a friend/client who has HIV and I must say that because of how he is, I have no sympathy/apathy. Our friendship wasn't important and neither is friendship with anyone else. He is only cool with people he fucked or planning to fuck and to think, fucking got him in his predicament in the first place. I know that when AIDS hits him, he will go out the way he lived, selfish and uncompromising.

    I hope your friend is nothing like him. I hope that he has reflected on his life and is seeing the shine in his future. HIV is not the end, it should be the beginning. He is lucky to have a friend like you because when it all counts, life is too short and having regrets of the past is too much to bear when you are ill. God bless him and with your continued friendship, he will be fine.  

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