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Novel Eyes @ 29

My Virgo nature tends to take over and makes me an order guy!
I firstly sit at my desk, check my emails, makes me a cup of coffee,
Which by the way has been darkening my teeth, yuck! I then log onto Pandora.com to get my music on. Next step is Dailynews.com read the stock report, a few articles. I would read the Times, but it’s too cumbersome for 9am. I want my 9th grade reading level, and call it a morning!

Well in my daily reading, of my daily news online. I came across an article on Mother Teresa and her struggle with faith. Quick back story. After her death they found some old letters of hers. Questioning her faith in the creator. She wrote “"If there be God - please forgive me. When I try to raise my thoughts to Heaven, there is such convicting emptiness that those very thoughts return like sharp knives and hurt my very soul," she wrote. "How painful is this unknown pain - I have no Faith."
In this I started to wonder how many of us question our faith if we even have it at all.
She was said to have had Christ spoke to her one time directly. Telling her to become a missionary in the slums to help the poorest of the poor. “ Come be my light”, is what she heard.
In the next 50 years of her life, she longed to hear him speak with her again. She never, not once stopped her mission of what she knew her life to be, but no longer had faith. Quick sidebar, I was told recently that I was a scientist; I had never been referred to in that way. I was a little taken a back in a positive way by the comment. A scientist profession is to create and to fall short and try again. To mix, to be fearful of not getting what they set out for, but always having that end result on there mind. Mother Teresa was a Scientist, even to the point of losing her faith, but staying true to the mission given to her in 4 simple words, “Come be my light”. We have given up with a lot less. There is an old Jewish teaching that I have tape to my desk, I read every so often, I’ll share it with you. “If one is planting a tree, and hears the messiah is coming, one should continue planting. It’s our life-affirming actions that produce the reality of the messianic future.”
Hold faith in all you do, remember its all Hills and Valleys. We have given up because of such simple things, look around you and see what really matters, and push for that end aspiration.

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  1. # Blogger life

    Great post  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    That was absolutely beautiful. Thank you. I want so more....


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