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Is it Dead?

I have come to realize why so many men are SINGLE. I’m sure we all have our guesses of what zany crass thing I’m about to let loose. But really, the light has just gone off in my head and I realize what in the hell it is! But firstly let go thou what its not!

1. Its not sex, I’m a man, that get’s offered all too often. Not that I’m complaining, when I’m in “Heat” Yes heat like a damn cat, its all good! My point? Sex is easy, it’s everywhere, and Blah!
2. It’s not Love. I have loved a many of people. Lawd knows. Quick side bar, Seven years ago, Love and Basketball came out. There is a scene in the movie where (Regina Hall), is combing her little sisters hair, ( Sanaa Lathan). Sanaa asked “Have you ever been in love?” Regina replies. “Chile way too many times!” Now seven years ago I didn’t understand that. How in the hell could you be in love so much? Well now “Chile I do!” Once again point being, its not love. We are still very capable of loving one another. It’s more the expression of that love.
3. It’s not time! If I know anything in this life, no mater how busy you are. If you want to make time for someone you can! Point Blank. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Unless he/she is locked up. That’s a different blog all together.

Now I’m ready to tell you want it is!!!!!! Drum Roll….
IT’S ….. Well wait; let’s see if you guys can get it. It’s a noun. Full in the blank _______.

Its carrying on, its courtship, its enchantment, its fascination, its flirtation, its hanky-panky, its being intrigue, its PASSION, its melodrama.

You have any idea yet? Okay if not, I’ll go on…..

It’s Love Jones, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, breakfast in bed.
It’s remembering something you said 6 months ago, and getting it for you.
It’s a picnic on the living room floor.
Its whispers in your ear about better times to come.
Its knowing how one feels, just by the sound of there voice.
It knows when to shut-up and just give in.
It’s having ones back, when they don’t have there own.
It’s cupcakes for your birthday.
Its post it around the house, saying I love you.
Its making you laugh, when you’re in the worst of moods.
It’s making you cry when you need to get it out, and being that rock, when you don’t want anyone near you.

I would think at this point, you’d have to know what in the hell is missing
Have you filled in the Blank as yet?


If someone else asks me out. Then turn around and ask me a million f-ing times what do I want to do. I will go across the street, ask my country ass neighbor to borrow his Shotgun, and go on a 17 state killing spree.

What happen to being a little damn creative? The Best dates are free. Damn it, tell me to put on some sneakers, and lets take a
Long Walk
around the park after dark
Find a spot for us to spark
Conversation, verbal elation, stimulation
Share our situations, temptations, education, relaxtaions Elevations, maybe we can talk about Surah 31:18

Grrrrrrr I say! Question of the Moment.

Is Romance Died? Or just the possibility.
All you Love Jones fans feel me.

9 Responses to “Is it Dead?”

  1. # Blogger Andre J. Allen II

    no raomance is not dead, its the person that is or not romantic. I m a very romantic person and i dont think everyone has that ability to be romantic i believe its something from with in either you have it or you dont. not everyone.  

  2. # Anonymous Dozie

    It ain't dead. Actually I think some people are in love with romance without actually feeling a need for commitment,and sometimes the other way around. Relationships are like cookies. If you want a relationship to. . .bake, commitment is a basic part of the recipe, some might say the MOST basic and important part, like flour. But romance, sigh, is the cinnamon and the sugar and the vanilla and all those ingredients that make the cookies delectable and sensationsal. The romance is the thing that you never get tired of, the thing that makes you remember why THIS is your favorite cookie! But still, even though you can't taste the flour, its still there, and without it, there'd be no cookie, just a pile of slimy dough that smells sweet but tastes crappy.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You are sweet good man.
    Romance is not dead. Romance, however, is chemistry that takes time and is personal. It takes knowing someone. It knows being able to differentiate between picnic in the living room vs. flying to california to have a picnic on the beach (which is sufficient!? which is show-boating? which is corny... perspective).

    It may start with sweet gestures, and maybe that's what we are missing. Romance is alive good man. Those who seek it, just need to persevere (why do i make it sound like it's Theseus' journey, lol). Just be open and ready for romance to hit you. You are putting it out there and trust me, when it comes it's going to knock your sock off, put them back on and knock them off again.


  4. # Anonymous DeBlack

    there is sumthin' bout u that is intoxicating...maybe the smile or your swift intellect. whateva it is, keep me engaged. i dig your style and this blog.

    as for romance, it is not dead. it is just dormant, needing sumthin' to shake it from its deep slumber. our culture is all about speed and quantity. how fast and how much. romance can not blossom in such a caustic atmosphere. black men, i pray that we see ourselves in each other. only then can romance rise from its deep sleep.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    All i can say is WOW!!! these are some intresting thoughts and inresting ideas ... i have learned that experiance is the best teacher.. time is the best understanding ... sounds like u using your time and experiances to make some revelations and its sounding very promising for your future .... keep up the good work..


  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Romance..... I remember 10 calls a day to say i miss u... i remember a walk through central park... i remember cupcakes and cookies from Magnolias's ... i remember "Babe Guess what"... i remember .. BBQ's Margeritas at noon... i remember 27.00 red snapper... i remember "lil Miss Sunshine"... i remember layin in the bed watching his chest move as he breathes .. i remember sittin in the bed drinking ginger ale eating potato chips at 3 am ... i remember being sad from longing to see his face after being gone 3 weeks ... i remember the his smile after steppin out the airports sliding doors ... i remember being hurt from his silence .. i remember leaving never knowin that this would be the last time i would see him face to face ... WOW!!!! now that ROMANCE..... !!!  

  7. # Blogger Spencer Grant

    Dear 10 times a day.
    Wow, where we dating, LOL. I think its such a universal feeling to remember yester-year of all those wonderful moments. He sounded like a Mother F*^@ lets go burn his house down. Joke. Those moments are unique to each person, and should be remember in such a beautiful light.Do we get multiply chances at moments like those?  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous


    Okay you got me I have a bad habbit of asking what you wanna do?

    Its only b/c I want to make it a dream date for whom ever I am out with.

    Ya know if they are a vegan I wont plan a steak house dinner. I put a grat deal of thought into a date if I am trying to do something special. Years later if we last we could remember how special the first was. Go Figure!

    Dont get me wrong sometimes it ends up just being a long walk somewhere. Under a full moon smelling the roses.

    Ahhh dating sucks!

    Not that I am down with love these days but the dating sceen has been HARSH so I am DONE searching.

    I have replaced date night with Drinking Ice cream watching desprate house wives on DVR Eating ice cream is for rookies.

    It only get sad when you are down to the last king size reese peanut butter cup.

    If I weren't such a fitness rat I would be 1000 lbs by now!  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    After 10 years with my man I can say that romance goes a long way when you finally discover it. We actually did not start off hot 'n' heavy. Usually that would be how my relationships start. Hot 'n' heavy then ramp down as the lust subsides and the reality sets in.

    This time was different... it actually took us a while to acclimate. We were not physically each others type, but were both fed up with being "ho-ish", and had so much in common but on opposing ends that we were intrigued and found a mental connection. So we spent a lot of time falling in love with who we were as people to each other.

    There were rocky points, like in anything else, but we were actually in love with each other so we pulled through it.

    The romance, well... it took us 10 years to understand that was what we both are missing but never had the heart to say (fear of hurt feelings). Once we finally said it, after having a make it or break it crisis, it was so blatantly obvious and we both felt kind of silly.

    The past year has been wrought with stolen kisses and "I love you's". Let me say it is nothing short of amazing. To let go of Male ego and to take the time to be "lovey". I know this post comes a tad late, but I figured I'd just share my experience.


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