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Everlasting Love!

How does one deal with being in Love with somebody that will never Love them back?

The Universal question of the masses. There is always someone in this life that has your emotions. Now having ones emotions is quite different that having ones heart. We have all been in love, and like Sade croons. It’s truly never as good as the first time. Or is it? I have to say in my case any way. The Sex is Hella superior. Not so worried with how the way things look to the outside world. Rather focused on how things look to you. My point is there is always 1. No matter where you are, no matter whom you’re with. No matter what you’re doing. They got ya!

It’s truly a horrible feeling to have someone reign there power of the Jones on your ass, and your completely exposed. Now if someone asked me. What the hell you been drinking, he ain’t all that. I’d say, “Look I don’t know, but the Kool-aid is Red flava, and I’m taken it to the head!” He has as recently re-entered my life!
As we do bi-yearly.

I seemly find myself, no matter how much I have changed, falling into the same roll. Waiting for emails! Trying my damn best to set up dates! Decorously hoping he parts those heart shaped lips and says with baited breath. “I love you; you’re the man for me. Let’s run away together, buy a home, and adopted some black nappy headed kids” Ok YES that is a mouth full. But I’ll tell you this. I’d fall the hell out. Like Diana Ross at Florence Ballard wake. Ask an old Queen if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Here is my thing. I know a lot of stuff! I process information very differently from others. But Damn it, not when it comes to Love. Why in the hell hasn’t someone cracked the damn code?

So yes, I will mostly likely be nose wide open for this man, I won't listen to anyone, and will get my feeling hurt for the Lord know how many time. I sit here and a wait his call, text or email and rejoice in the fact that he is talking to me.
I always wondered why the creator set it up that you can’t view your self? Outwardly view your worth, your value; I guess what’s the use of coming in knowing everything.
No adventure!

4 Responses to “Everlasting Love!”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Well, well, well. True love is not hard to spot, when it is there, a man as intuned as yourself knows. You also know when the love is the temporary kind but being human forces you to learn the hard way sometimes. All you can do is try to trust your instincts, enjoy the moments, and learn from the experience.  

  2. # Blogger Spencer Grant

    LOL, Thank you for thinking I’m so in tuned! To you guys YES! In my own world and affairs when it comes to love.


    You know how they say physics, have a sympathetic nature to the world, and have a block in there owe lives. THAT S ME!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I know how love can make you do things that are out of your character but how do you think that you should begin your revitalization process! Hypethetically speaking: so what if a new suitor approached you and stated he was Jonesin' after you..then what would you do?  

  4. # Blogger His Daily Variety

    New Suitor. HA, No one ever approaches me, and when they do they say wonderful things like "Do you take dick well?" or write anonymous post on my blog! ;0). All I ask is whomever treats me well, and simple says hello.  

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