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3 Responses to “Forgive”

  1. # Anonymous Malachi

    Forgiveness is a bitch, but definitely a necessity. Thanks again for those nuggets of wisdom!


  2. # Blogger Daryn

    Can I just say you're gorgeous? I love yr blog but your face is so distracting lol I've forgotten why I clicked the comment link.

    The thing that you mentioned that I've also realised is that owning the part you play in certain situations is so important. Sometimes your ego really gets in the way (especially when the other person is wrong lol). Ego is a muthfka.

    It's your smile btw. I may actually melt like the wicked witch if I got one of those in person. :D  

  3. # Blogger Spencer Grant

    Thank You Daryn for the nice comment!
    Well to change in life you have to own it, Its great to think we are perfect as a person. But really now, if ya'll only new what I am still working on, you would die laughing. But its real! Thank you for checking me out.  

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