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On My Mind---By Donovan St. Clair


DISCLAIMER: “On my mind” is a periodical column about things, well, on my mind. I am not a doctor, Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, or psycho-therapist. I simply have an opinion on things occurring my world. The purpose of my words are not meant to offend anyone’s religious, personal, or ethical beliefs, but rather challenge individuals thinking on given subject. Any reference to any persons falling into any breeched categories is merely coincidental and no way personal. Questions and comments welcomed.

I recently watched a video collage entitled: “The Truth“, on Myspace.


Speakers from the entertainment industry came together to discuss the state of Homophobia in America. Clips from the Oprah Winfrey show, Hip Hop artists such as , Jim Jones, and V.J. personality Sway all voiced opinions on the subject. Kanye West said quote, “Everybody in Hip Hop discriminates against gay people. [As a] Matter of fact I think the exact opposite of Hip Hop is Gay.”

Homophobia isn’t something new. It’s been around for as long as air has been present. In the black community there is a emotionally crippling stigma attached to anything homosexual. I’ve asked several straight men to give me their opinion on the subject, however I never received a tangle explanation for the hate. One man, whom I’ll call “Bill” stated adamantly when I asked him, why does he hate homosexuals so much said,

““ I just don’t want to see two men banging each other in the ass. Two women enjoying each other’s bodies is sexy to me”

““But you don’t have to see it.“ I said, “What a person does behind the closed door of his own bedroom shouldn’t concern you, but still straight men feel the almost insatiable need to yell out obscenities, make threats of bodily harm, and totally disrespect and dehumanize anyone whom they suspect of being homosexual. Simply because he walks or talks or dresses in a certain manner.”

““ I just don’t like it.”

As you can see from our conversation, Bill never really answers my question. Personally I don’t think he understood half the words I used, but I also I don’’t even think he himself knew why he hated so much. As our conversation went on, I got the idea that his hate was more “the thing to do” rather than any personal experience.

In a world where homosexuality is becoming overwhelmingly more present, why do we still have people that find the subject of a man loving another man intimately so repulsive. Let me first, acknowledge that there is also a double standard when it comes to women and homosexuality. Lesbians are more “acceptable”” among people, and the instances of hate crimes, and viscous derogatory remarks are much less among the lesbian community, although the hate is still present.

The entertainment industry is flooded with openly gay and closeted homosexuals, so therefore, one would think tolerance would be a little higher. However, its not. Whenever we listen to the latest Hip Hop record, where there is “Beef”” between two artist, it seems that one can always find the arbitrary “faggot”, or “Homo” thrown in meant to diss or sully his opponents name. It seems Homosexuality is the ultimate insult. Gone are the days where offending someone’s mother was considered “fighting words”, now all one has to do to spark a riot is call someone a homo.

Does the Hip Hop world not know that homosexuals make up a great deal of their sales market? Does the Hip Hop world not know that a majority of the clothes they wear or boast to wear are in fact made, sewn, and designed by homosexuals? Couture fashion has only recently become popular among them anyway. Now you see countless young men’s who’s jeans have become slightly more fitted. Names like Gucci, Prada, and Cavali are not just foreign names anymore. Numerous stylist, choreographers, video directors, show promoters, all populate the music industry, and are in fact homosexuals, so why when I’m walking down the street with a friend who may be effeminate, do people stop and gawk as if they’ve never seen a gay man before.

Whenever we see a representation of black homosexuality on T.V. or movies, he is always portrayed as the overly flamboyant, extremely loud, insatiably feminine comedic sidekick. However, it is worth mentioning that in white America, homosexuality is portrayed in all facets. Elton John, openly gay, and legendary musician has never suffered a drop in record sales because of his sexual preference. Sitcoms like “Will and Grace” showed a professional, educated, accomplished gay man living his life and people do. Sure, the character of Jack MacFarland was the over-the-top flamboyant sidekick, but the balance was still present. Whenever WE are on T.V. we have the finger snapping, neck rolling, lisp having, messes. Just look at an old clip of the hugely successful skit comedy show “In living Color.” Remember the “Men on…” series.

So my challenge is not to the Hip Hop community or the entertainment industry either. My challenge goes out to the Homosexual community itself. Our presence is undeniably huge, however we are constantly ridiculed by people for something that has absolutely nothing to do with them. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I simply do not want to sleep with every man I see. Why do straight men think they we all want them? NOT!!! So my request probably wont be very realistic, but I would like to put a battery in the backs of everyone who feels that this should stop.

What would happen if we stopped? Just stopped. Stopped buying the Hip Hop and R&B CD’s. Stop going to the movies. Stopped wearing the urban fashion labels. Stop listening to the radio shows. Stopped watching BET, and other video shows. Fashion Designers, stop using these individuals for your endorsement. Stylist, stop excepting work with these clients. They obviously feel that this world would be a better place without us, so what would happen if we showed them. Not unlike the tradition of Black Solidarity day, when African Americans around the country make the conscious effort to buy only black owned, and manufactured products, and solicit black owned and operated establishments. What would happen if we had a Homosexual Solidarity day? So I guess one could say I’m suggesting a boycott of sorts. Again I’m not sure how realistic it is, but just think ““What if?” James Brown once said, “I’m not asking for a handout. I don’t want anybody to give me anything. Just open the door, I’ll get it myself.”

Just something that was on my mind.
By Donovan St. Clair

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