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See him at ATL pride!

5 Responses to “See him at ATL pride!”

  1. # Anonymous Jimmy

    That man is beautiful.
    He's also very right. Your teeth are amazing.  

  2. # Blogger fuzzy

    functional lush huh... hmmm okay! I have made prior engagements for that weekend... maybe they will break, I dont know. We'll see. Be cool in miami. Well try to stay cool I mean!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    While in atlanta here is something for the gwon and sexy? Check out PHYRE


    they are having a neo-soul event that is gonna be off the chang, last time they had an event the kids went crazy.  

  4. # Blogger Ty

    You two look good together on cam.... hmmmm.... lol

    And you already know that you have nice teeth.  

  5. # Anonymous Brian

    Have fun in Miami...I'm jealous none the less.

    and your friend is SO pretty :)  

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