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Question of the week January 3rd--January 8th {Something Better}

Why do so many of us suffer from the same disease? I don’t mean HIV/AIDS.
Why do people (men) always think in relationships there will be something better that will come along?

6 Responses to “Question of the week January 3rd--January 8th {Something Better}”

  1. # Blogger Bernie

    In caveman days, men were hunters, always in search of the next prey. I guess we haven't really evolved that much.

    But then again, we have so few examples of how to build and maintain healthy relationships.  

  2. # Blogger Sophia A. Johnson

    Selfish men are in it for themselves, its not about the prey for cavemen, its about dividing the spoils.

    Waiting for the next best thing is about selfish men and women. Someone who wants to find someone who completes them is looking to form a bond. If you are looking for love, find someone who is looking for a bond. Find someone who feels incomplete and hopefully you will be the same but diffrent, your ying to their yang.  

  3. # Blogger Sophia A. Johnson

    *different. Finding someone who wants to share themselves with you is where you will want to start.  

  4. # Blogger first_priority

    I honest think that most men are just Greedy. Most want what they cant have and dont deserve. its the whole 80/20 rule. They think that what they have isn't as good as the possibility of something else, until they actually get that something else and realize that they have really traded down instead of up. (idiots!)  

  5. # Anonymous charlie

    A wise old woman once told me a man is only as faithful as his options. Some people will never plant roots and will always be a wonderer. The key is to spot those individuals early if that is not what you’re looking for move on.  

  6. # Blogger Playboy Adonis

    I have never adopted the belief that the current situation is for the long term. I believe that we do have seasons and that the person and people around you today were meant to be there for that season. In that, I think that it is alright to look forward to future things. Look forward to upcoming relationships and new experiences while enjoying the current. In the few relationships that I have been in, both parties knew that it might be or that it might not be everlasting and I think that we enjoy each other more with that mind frame because nothing is perfect. We all set ourselves up for disheartenment when we assume that things are perfect or were meant to be.

    Marriage is a different area. If you marry then don't marry because you promise not to look, approach, or be approached by someone outside of the marriage. Marry because you choose to join and go through the hardships of life and all that is going to come with the person you are marrying. Marriage is not perfect either.  

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