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os m'I diputS!

So I’m stupid! I know this is news to no one. But I have spotted the chair, and I plan to sit in it! Face the wall, neatly but yet pride fully wears my dense cap, tall and pointy, even Klan like, and do my time. Okay ok back story here, I was with a friend this weekend. Well shit, I was on a date, with someone. I’m getting to know. Not Seeing! Getting to know. We all know it’s about the wording. That’s such an American thing. I remember living in Argentina, and the customs was so different, if you where with someone you where with them case closed, subject for another time. I digress. Picture it the Whitney Museum 2:30 in the afternoon, sky deep, strong, pending downpour, leather wasn’t needed in this wind; goose feathers would have to do the trick. Kara Walker was on my mind, $15 and half of me wanting to enter.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin ----- Birth of a Nation.
Hung from the fortifications, I could hear the cries of slaves in wall fixtures; I’ve grown angry, hurt, fulsome and miserable. Mothers throwing there offspring overboard, shit this aint even the right period. 400 years, 150 free, deprogramming on decline and people say out loud, why do they still live in it? How did they take over the whole country, we spoke different launges. Shaka Zulu tired, but it was too late. We took care of the rest; Genocide is the Motherland sir name now.

So I’m stupid! Is it the TV? That has slowed down my pace. I know my life this season will be mostly set up by design, so I’m allowing the winds to guide me, and I plan to shut my mouth, and let the creator handle this solely for a few months. Get out your way young man has been the theme. Thank you Ms. Walker! When I’m allowed to get out this chair, I will get right back to studying. I Promise!

2 Responses to “os m'I diputS!”

  1. # Blogger Angelus D. Frawst

    a lesson for us all  

  2. # Anonymous Charlie

    One has to ask themselves what am I doing to stop the genocide & slavery in Defur & other places across the world?

    OR do you let HIS-TORY repeat its self?

    Talk is CHEAP!

    Thought or ACTION
    What will you decide?  

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