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As I sat in my house in a raging heat, thinking lovingly of the last time I had sexual intercourse, I shake and sutter. I don't lack intimacy, I am very unique in that way. I have an abundance of love around me. Moments with lovers and lover friends. "Ill explain that lata" Oh how I miss touch, aromas, sweat. Smelling him on my upper lip in the am.

BTW I told my Mother about my blog the other day, now she wants to know the URL. Now as I write I think of Diane reading this and I want to die. Love ya Ma, Skip the parts you can’t stomach. Your Child is 30!

As much as I do miss a good session, (for all those wondering its has been about 2-3 months) Laid down eyes up, tracing the lines in the ceiling, I wonder when will I will next get some? Then I read this article!

NEW YORK -- New Yorkers who think they're not at risk for HIV might want to think again.
The Health Department said Thursday that 18 percent of the city's adults are at risk for HIV because of multiple sex partners or drug injection. But 92 percent of that group think they're safe.
A department survey found that -- among people with multiple sex partners -- 60 percent don't use condoms all the time.
The health commissioner, Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, urges that everyone learn their HIV status, and that health care providers offer testing.
The study, which uses a citywide survey of blood samples to estimate HIV prevalence, finds that about 1.4 percent of New York City adults are infected with HIV -- nearly four times the national rate.
You can read the full text of the study at www.aidsonline.com.
Below are activities that could increase the risk of contracting HIV:
• Sharing needles.
• Anal intercourse is 5 times riskier than vaginal intercourse and 50 times riskier than receptive oral sex.
• Insertive anal or vaginal intercourse is 10 times riskier than insertive oral sex.
• Oral sex carries some risk for both partners, but is less risky than other penetrative sexual activities.
• Condoms greatly reduce the spread of HIV for both partners in anal, vaginal

I sit up! Walk to my PC. Log on to xtube, and call it a night.


5 Responses to “2.5”

  1. # Blogger Cocoa Rican

    Isn't XTube just a blessing...partner or not I love the stuff!  

  2. # Blogger Andre J. Allen II

    kudos as much as we want that touch from someone and everything that goes wit sex people still dont think of the long term picture. i applaude you for keepin your audience educated.  

  3. # Blogger ww4p (ww4p.com/blog)

    Smelling him on my upper lip in the am.


    You know what.... nevermind.  

  4. # Anonymous Mendy

    Find yourself one good buddy and call it a winter.. If you want the intimacy, find yourself one who just got out of a relationship and be prepared for some drama; them talking bout the ex, being too emotional, mood swings.. and don't get upset if they call you by the ex's name when in the heat of passion, play like you didn't hear it, it will help them not feel so bad and avoid at least one mood swing....

    If this fails, masturbate daily with some great porn. In relation to that article... NO GLOVE NO LOVE!!!!!.... unprotected sex is just PLAIN STUPID!!!!  

  5. # Anonymous SAC

    So will you never have sex again based on the risk you listed? I mean you could get hit by a bus today and the last time you would have smelled a guy on your upper lip in the am (so HOT!!!) would have been 3 months ago! Not that you should rush. LOL.  

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