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Mount Zion

Waking at Dawn, I took a frigid hour-long bike ride to the top of Mount Zion. As I ascended, I murmured a prayer. “I give the Energy of this cold, hard labor to you. May it inspire you to meet your own tasks with exuberant stamina.” When I begin the ride, I was miserably uncomfortable. Within 10 minutes, I had broken a sweat and was thoroughly warm. Soon the endorphins kicked in, and the climb to the top was blissful. That’s the progression I wish for you.

2 Responses to “Mount Zion”

  1. # Anonymous Joseph

    Thank you for the prayer. Just to share I'm freer right now than I have ever been. God is unhooking the chains, God is breaking the bondage, His annointing is destroying the yoke and I'm beig healed, and delivered more and more everyday. Even though I have my struggles with low self-esteem, internalized and externalized homophobia, and depression I no longer claim those things as my state of being. I have issues but the issues dont have me  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    thank you... "pretty" isn't your only talent.  

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