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Question of the week! March 26- April 2nd

I’m working kiddies, I’m working. Recently I have been dating, on and off. Trying so hard to get comfortable with the feeling and reality of being single. It’s been a long while now. I simple have my days. As I look back at my track record. I have had some good people come in, and like the wind, breeze right out. So it got me to thinking about the question of the week.


I have heard some crazy shit, IE

He hugged me to much!

Anyway, lets hear what u will not forgive!

8 Responses to “Question of the week! March 26- April 2nd”

  1. # Blogger Bernie


    Been there, done that, had it destroy our relationship.  

  2. # Anonymous twinston1911

    if he hit me, i don't tolerate no body puttin they hands on me, unless i say so lol.  

  3. # Blogger K.B.

    I agree with twinston1911. My mother never hit me so what would I look like letting someone else.  

  4. # Anonymous SAC

    I am careful about saying what I won't forgive. I don't think you ever really know until your are in the situation. We can all jump on our soap boxes and say what we won't alloe someone to do to us...speaking in generalities. But..never say never. Add to that there is a stark difference between forgiveness and tolerance. You can decline to tolerate something, but still offer forgiveness.  

  5. # Blogger Andre J. Allen II

    infidelity and abuse are the 2 that does it for me  

  6. # Blogger K.B.

    great point SAC.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I have to agree with SAC. Until you live through it ...u never know. Infidelity is tough to deal with...but its not unsurmountable...
    Mr. Big  

  8. # Blogger Robert Jones, Jr.

    Infidelity and abuse, as the brothers and sisters here have already stated.  

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