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Question of the week? March 12th- March19th 'Would you tell"?

If you knew the significant other of your crush was cheating on him/her, would you tell your crush? Knowing it would break there heart?

9 Responses to “Question of the week? March 12th- March19th 'Would you tell"?”

  1. # Anonymous SAC

    Nah. I wouldn't tell him. I wouldn't want any man's attention by default. I would let it ride out and see what happens. If he is meant for me a "real" opportunity will present itself. I just wouldn't want to feel like I played a role in his pain for my own selfish purposes. Just my take...  

  2. # Blogger fuzzy

    honestly it would depend on how much I was pining after them! I would most definitely consider it very seriously!  

  3. # Blogger Andre J. Allen II

    i agree wit SAC on this one.  

  4. # Blogger ProfessorB

    I agree with Fuzzy.  

  5. # Blogger life

    I would tell my crush. Not so much to get with them, but b/c I cared about them. They deserve better (namely me...lol), but I wouldn't want them right after the broke it off with the other person.  

  6. # Blogger K.B.

    I completely agree with SAC... If it is really meant to be, it will. Everything worth having has to happen in its own time.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I wouldn't tell, but I would turn up my flirt factor.  

  8. # Anonymous charlie

    Sac & ww4p said it best

  9. # Blogger Daryn

    I wouldn't say anything coz when my feelings are eventually known it will look like i just said it to break them up for my own benefit, which would hurt my chances with the guy. I would, as his friend (if we're friends), try to find another way for him to get the info for his own benefit tho.  

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