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Living in the reality

6 Responses to “Living in the reality”

  1. # Blogger prodigalsun

    Don't live in the butt? What if its a really, really-really-really-really big butt? (hee hee)

    Anyway, I get it, philosopher john. Interesting post. I, for one, am glad you did a video, cause that shyt woulda been LOOOONG as hell if you wrote it... lol ;-)  

  2. # Blogger Ty

    Agree with prodigalsun on doing the video of it. LOL

    Interesting blog entry. Being 30 something, I definitely feel you on it. But I will have to say that in this area (with my experience) people are less concerned about this in practice than in other cities that I've lived in. Meaning, that in Georgia and South Carolina it was hard as hell to find someone after 25. Here I have been hit on by people of all ages even with them knowing my age. So I have learned not to stress about it. When people say that they are looking for this or that, it usually means that that is their preference but is not set in stone. As far as the working out thing, it is just because competition is so deep here. It is the same in the hetero world. So many people look good here and there are so many options that everyone needs to stay on top of their game. However, that doesn't mean that their isn't someone out there for the average Joe Blow.  

  3. # Anonymous ALSMUV

    I also enjoyed the video blog man. You spoke a lot of truth and I hope I can get people I know to hear what you have to say because this is a conversation that comes up often when my friends get together. It has been amazing the responses I get from guys who get at me mostly online and I tell them I am 31. They make it seem as though I am nearing retirement and I feel blessed to be able to say I made it to this age because a lot of us brothers are not living that long. I hope brothers start investing in relationships and truly get to know the individual. We all are attracted to a good looking brother. That is natural but how many of us take time to get to really know someone? How many of us take the time to find out our purpose in life? I don't know if I will find my soulmate but I hope brothers start genuinely dating again.  

  4. # Blogger WiseYoungMan

    Yes this was really good man!
    The only issue with this blog is that you need to post more frequently (post like you're getting paid) LOL. But seriously you addressed alot of issues that are rampant within our community as far as placing the body on an altar, and exhalting that about all else.

    I think that's why so many Black gay dudes are worried about growing old, b/c their self worth is based on their looks, which is both internalized, and put onto from the broader community.

    Just my thoughts  

  5. # Anonymous Frawst

    Wow and more wow this made me think really hard about me and my persections and just wow  

  6. # Anonymous Daryn

    I think you are fine as hell but what's even sexier is that you are obviously a thinker. A fat dude will not get a second look from me but anyone who can keep me interested in his words will turn me on regardless of what he looks like. intellectual stimulation is not very high on some people's list - a reality u just gotta live with.  

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