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An Ode to someone I love that doesn't love me back! When is enough, enough?

My tongue is completely tangled, the mass of my thoughts boa constricted at the axis of each cranial hemisphere, its volume to substantial to contain.

So Ill spray till it splatters and let it leak until its drained... ..flowing into permanent stains, like black ink sniffing lines on pure white paper touched by the rain

This is my luv letter to you, not because love has taken everlasting resident here, but because the universe desperately needs this energybombs constantly flyin over Baghdad, infants inflicted with diseases that novel careless adult decisionsso this is for the endless nights that black seeds go to sleep completely famished, cuz despite the worlds dysfunctional inflictions, I'm the optimistic one that still sees heaven in my visions.

Although this letter, a luv letter to a man I Love, might be an insignificant rebuttal to the great coliseum of chaos, it is my method of combat cause while those who were sent away..in helmets, fatigues and boots tussle in war, I'd only tussle with u in my mind. Our Battlefield.

This is a luv letter because what else could I call it. It could go without definition, but this one just fit like an elementary note passed in class. I vividly remember how simplistic things were then No ridiculously difficult conversations in spoken verbiage, just a sheet of paper kissed by a no. 2 pencil, when the smallest words and phrases on a page spoke in chronicles.

So Im reverting back to that elementary freestyle script titled luv letter because I'm a hopeless romantic at heart.

Because ur image sleeps in my mind and I dont wanna wake it. So now can hibernate here until.

Until now spills into later, later into future, future into forever.. This is my luv letter to you!!

6 Responses to “An Ode to someone I love that doesn't love me back! When is enough, enough?”

  1. # Blogger Dayne Avery

    As my jaw lifts itself from the floor, I can imagine you reading this in front of a dimly lit poetry lounge. Applause and cigarette smoke filter through the crowd as your complexion lights the room. Wow, do I hear an open mic night in your future?  

  2. # Blogger sonofMorri

    Sensory and sensual images...It's Complicated, but then again, so is love, It's all over the place, but then again, so is love. It's a beautiful glorious mess, but then again...so is LOVE  

  3. # Blogger ~Terrance~

    I'm loving it! That's how you capture the essence of love....I would love to read a poem about "sexy".... I may have to talk you into doing that one just for me! *wink*  

  4. # Blogger Ty

    Very nice. You should consider open mic. If you are interested, I have a few friends who are involved, let me know and I'll pass your info.  

  5. # Blogger prodigalsun

    aiight mr. Darius Lovehall... *fingersnaps*  

  6. # Anonymous CJ

    God bless you and your future goals. Wish you the best.  

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