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"You Know she's White right"?

Well since the Sugar Water Festival is this summer, I do plan to have Diva over load. Jill Scott, Ms. Badu, and Queen, all on the same stage, it’s a Mother-Jumping wrap! Well to tell the truth I went last year, trucked it to Jersey, all on my lonesome, cause you know the people will flake on you at the last moment, had an extra ticket that went to waste, fucking bastards. But I’ll have you know, nothing was stopping me. The show opener last year was Floetry, and if you know anything about these UK ladies, they give a SHOW. Marsha is the next coming of Ella; don’t let her get full voice on ya. You will leave with blissful memories.

Yet again I go off on a tangent. My Point was, I had a WBLS moment last night, yes Midnight Storm with Vaughn Harper. No later on then two songs into his line up the sweet sounds of Teena Marie’s Deja Va (I’ve been here before), pierce my speakers, and had me traveling oceans of elation, and remembering this won’t be your first or last time here baby. Now don’t get me wrong I’m feeling B’s new Deja Va track, but it ain’t classic R&B. Teena sings “I’m young and I’m old, I’m rich and I’m poor, I feel like I’ve been on this earth, many times before”! I beg your pardon? You better write some lyrics Teena.

This made me reflect. No one has given appropriate homage to the Diva’s with a little less melanin. The White Soul Sisters. So I will take it upon myself to do so. These Monthly entries will be called “You know she’s white right?” The Diva Spot light this month if it’s not obvious will be on the one and only Ms. Teena Marie. Yes the White Diva of all DIVA’s. I would post a Bio of Ms. T. but who is really going to read it? Just in case here’s a link http://www.ejams.com/teenamarie.htm.

Ms. T. trail blazed many a route, for the white female soul singer we sit back and take an ear to today. So, Joss Stone, Lisa Stansfeid, Taylor Dane, Jojo, X-tina, and yes even Celine. These chicks need to give a whole hearted thank you! Now I don’t know if your slow jam was Portuguese love, Fire and Desire, or If I were a bell. Or a more up-tempo melody, perhaps, I need your loving, behind the groove, or ooo la la la. It’s all in love to Teena. So pump up that Midnight storm, and listen out for Lady T, cause she will get ya!

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  1. # Blogger *Madosi

    yo man ... i knew teena was a soldier when i heard she and rick did fire and desire, ike turner style.

    they kidnapped her from the hospital when she was dead dog sick and she recorded in one take.

    mad respect to teena and the other melaninly-challenged divas!  

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