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I’ve started listening to the Universe like never before. Letting the wind take me where it blows, Listening to the kind and endearing words of the wise men and women kind before me. As I started this Blog, I got on a never ending roll, and was about to tell ya’ll all my business. But being the New-bee I am, I deleted the damn thing by Mistake. Boy was I pissed, LOL. Then I realized, why are you given so much of yourself? Ease it in! I guess I have to realize where I stand as a person, and start to learn who my true reality is.

As I take my life walk. I have notice many of things along the way. Most of the streets I have walked have been lined with pain, and misunderstanding. Misinterpretation of self and confusion of where to place the pain. We as human have an innate longing to want to protect ourselves, both physical and emotional. In defending one self, we tend to lose the reality of who we really are. So busy surviving, and no longer living and learning. No one views themselves as the world sees them. Please always remember to live in the reality of who you really are, and not who you think you are. It makes it a lot easier to heal though the issues, and makes the journey of becoming a better being a lot smoother.

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