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Back In the Dayz- When Things were Cool (Thanks Erykah)

Back in the Dayz- When things were Cool

Mother May I take three Steps forward? NO! You may not, said the slightly chunky Chiquina Brown. Jeri Curl slightly moist mostly dried up from the summer heat. Popping on cherry Flavor Bazooka Joe. As we all may remember Mother May I was a game of Favoritism, cause if Mama didn’t like you she could and would deny your entire request.
“Why you move Kaream, did I say you could move” Oh that Chiquina!

That’s why I opted for Red Light Green Light 1-2-3 you didn’t have to worry if you were in the favor of Jeri curl bitches like Chiquina. Red light was all about Speed and knowing how to keep your ass froze. He’d turn his back to you and in flash of lighting he’d yell “RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT, 1-2-3” and just as quick be facing you. Heart pumping, fore head sweating. Trying your damnest to stay still. “Jonathan I seen your foot move, Go back! There was nothing worst then a Liar and a Cheater calling the shoots. Working over time trying to hold down there spot as the king of the traffic light.

Now if you didn’t have the speed, or the Ninja like reflects, you may have been a Double Dutch girl, or boy, that’s a whole different story. Now the key to Double Dutch was the “jump in”. Once you mastered the Jump in, and had the timing and the rhythm down, you could be that Bitch. Off all old school games Double Dutch was the hardest, cause if you didn’t know what you were doing, you’d look like a hot mess.

But DD was really for the girls overall. It you wanted to have the unisex game of all time it was drum roll “Steal the Bacon” Stop playing. Ok here is how it went, you get a group of kids together, all ages all sizes, didn’t matter. Now you needed a wide space to play this game, maybe an open field or a blocked off street. In my hood we used a Shampoo bottle, as the bacon. Many different hoods many different bacons.

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