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Did I Miss Something?

Being lazy as I can be at times, I decided to take the bus across 125th street.
Well from my Mouth to Gods ears, NEVER!! -- NO MORE!

I tend to stay out of touch of what the youth is talking about today. Given, yes I’m only 26, but I feel light years ahead of people within my age bracket. But we all develop wisdom at our own time. Yet I digress, back to the subject at hand. THE YOUTH don’t talk about shit!-- ie., “My lil’ cousin gradated today, and he had on this lime shirt, these true religion jeans, and these hot ass white and lime Nikes, with his lime socks to match.” “He was killing them lil shorties , them lil bitches couldn’t fuck wit him!” “And I was like that’s my lil cuz, that’s my lil nigga.”

Ok, so what in the hell did I miss a memo? When did kids start speaking like this? When did this become fundamentally okay to speak this way in public, with grown folks in ear shot? Did all Girls of Pre-teen age lose all there innocents? Where did the wonder and the excitement of not knowing go? Rap Lyrics of Slinging Drugs and living “the street life” became the daily norm and the maze of, is this it? “Imma fight that bitch if she keeps looking at me”

I remember a time of Quarter waters, and 25cent wise chips. Was it cause I was the only child, I may have missed out on this street theory? I don’t know, but what I do know is that innocents is never over rated, especially when we live in a world of famine; “in your face lying” governments, and a melting ice cap. Youth is the only place to truly hide! Or will that go the away like Beach erosions?

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