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Pressing Reset

I carry moon dust in my side pouch and sunshine in my smile, it’s time for re-gathering. You can’t but be the bitch for to long, Time for a retune. I most re-group. Essence, sprit, psyche, body, and Soul. I make this declare to the world, to base it in realities, cause that’s what we live in now. Right? 3-D effects of love are and have been nothing but false movements in a massive room, where the fuck is the light switch? They scuttle like rodents, hiding under dish rags, and darting behind walls. You will no longer feed off the morsels in my pantry. I Press Reset!

All ten cover my eyes. Wonder what the nuclear fall out will be, when a man has to REFLECT! The pain drills me, I inhale. Not with standing the charming chronicles of ex- lovers, new lives, and authentic mates. I inhale. Please don’t being me no good news.
I Press Reset!

Stand Up, my young one, Raziel murmurs in my ear. I’m the keeper of your secrets! He holds my hand and walks to over to reality. I hadn’t notice I was so profoundly deep with in this forest. I recalled leaving bread crumbs, but I forgot my morsels were out for seize free to predators. I begin to begin to Bind my Fear, and prey for the needs and not the wants. The meanings and not the reasons. For go the pain over the glory. I set my pace. Turn to Raziel, and thank him out of respect, as I Press Reset.

2 Responses to “Pressing Reset”

  1. # Blogger ShawnQt

    that was so beautiful... as are u!
    Alright for pressing RESET!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Very nice site! » » »  

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