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I wonder while I wander!

Ok Yes! It was me at Chi Chi’s, Guilty! Don’t judge me. I had a round of drinks at BBQ’s and you know the kids tend to end up at La Chi Chi’s when it’s a do nothing weeknight, and last night sure was. Well having the 22oz BBQ’s drink in me. I was on a mission to pee. Like that kind of piss when you get close to the restroom, it’s clearly pushing its self out.
Now I was with a group of people that were all new to me, but maybe 2 so I had to keep it cute. We didn’t want Blues showing his Ugly face to the new public. Oh yeah for the masses that don’t know, Blues is my, how do I say. My extremely foolish passionate, alter ego. To say the least, he is a hot mess, and the key to the lock is the booze baby. Back to the subject at hand I get in Chi Chi’s and hot footed it to the rest room. I stand in front of the gross ass urinal, quick side bar why is there pubic hair on the urinals, do people’s pubic hair fall off? If so, Yuck! Well as I look up from my relaxing piss. I see a sign for Rolaids, cool right? But as I examine further the ad reads something or other about it not messing with your HIV cocktail. Your HIV cocktail, what the fuck? In life I’ve come to realize that it can take something really diminutive, to make realities around you manifest in your mind. I get tested A LOT, for many reasons.
1. I’m nuts
2. I have Germ phobia
For a while I was bring all my friends to get tested and I would get checked as well, reason being so they wouldn’t feel panicky and alone. Point is as educated as I maybe about the disease, I was still in the dark about the numbers.

Homosexual males, who make up less than 2% of the US population, account for 56% of the adult AIDS cases. As of January 1, 1997, 324,728 men who have sex with men have been diagnosed with AIDS.

These are large numbers. Look we have all been drilled in the head about HIV/AIDS. We know the facts; we have all seen the reality. But my question is do we live in the reality? Do we live in the fact that MOST likely someone that we have had intercourse with, has been positive.
After doing a little research for this Blog, I called a friend of mine that is an HIV/AIDS counselor out of New York. I asked to present date, what % off gay Black Man are HIV positive. I was told 46% in New York City alone. Guys that is Mind-bogging to me! No sermons here, but know your partners, think before you dive. Now I’m not above this my self. We all can look back and realize we fucked up! Know the reality of the world around you. Always keep in mind we have the supreme gift of the Universe “FREE WILL” Control yours!

7 Responses to “I wonder while I wander!”

  1. # Blogger ShawnQt

    From pee to uplifting lives, I love it! I totally agree with getting tested, and making sure you know your status...

    ...on the flip note, I have a friend who positive, and that doesn't mean he's a sex-crazed maniac. Things happen, accidents happen, but...

    ...don't look down on them either. They are human beings and beautiful people just like everyone else. I know we are still dealing with it, but we have to show love as well.  

  2. # Blogger SonOfMorri

    Only you can find inspiration in a drunken haze while taking a piss in a hole-in-the-wall dive like Chi-Chiz...
    ...I have wonder if, and how many of the people that I've slept with are positive. I mean sure I was safe and protected but still...
    ...Oh yeah and about "Me, Pussy, and Myspace"...Don't Judge me..I know I'm pathetic...  

  3. # Blogger *Madosi

    ok for making a complete detour, but i feel ya.

    yes, having loss a loved one to the disease, i have been ignorant as of lately to the newest stats. that is why i pushed the company i am with for the summer to let me write something on these stats.

    anyway, good post. i want to know more about this alter ego!  

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