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How many of us, truly know what is going on in the world around us? We walk past the news stands, choosing the bull crap of the New York Post over the New York Times. We chose to not want to get into the worlds problems, because we have enough of our own to handle. Not realizing that the world’s problems are our business. We as Americans tend to live in a bubble of a surreal reality. 9-11 woke us up for about 15mins, but once again like human reaction we get contented and forget we are no superior then the rest. So content we vote Bush back into office. (Subject for another time). Know your world around you! Get out of the comfort of your daily grind and try to make an effort to self educate. Knowing more of your surrounding, can not only enrich your life, but possibly help you to change it.

News not so talked about!

Human-to-Human Infection by Bird Flu Virus Is Confirmed

An Indonesian who died after catching bird flu virus from his 10-year-old son represents the first confirmed case of human-to-human transmission of the disease, a World Health Organization investigation of an unusual family cluster has concluded, the agency said Friday.
The virus mutated slightly when the son had the disease, although not in any way that would allow the virus to pass more readily among people.
It is slightly altered, but in a way that viruses commonly mutate, "But that didn't make it more transmissible or cause more severe disease."
The greater importance of the slightly modified virus is that it’s documented that the virus almost certainly was passed from person to person.
In previous cases where human-to-human transmission was suspected, researchers could not test samples from the patients, or the virus in the patients was the same as that in poultry in the area.
The independent flu watchers, relying on local Indonesian news media, had argued that the pattern of dates on which different family members fell ill suggested that the virus had jumped from human to human to human.
Scientists have long said the A(H5N1) virus, which has killed or led to the culling of hundreds of millions of birds worldwide, does not spread easily to humans or among them. But they have worried that it might mutate to acquire that ability, setting off a devastating pandemic.
More than 200 people have contracted bird flu worldwide, almost all of them after very close contact with infected birds.
Although Indonesia has been struggling all year to control bird flu outbreaks among poultry, the family on Sumatra had no known direct contact with sick birds, although the first to die was a woman who sold vegetables in a market that also sold birds.
But scientists have long suspected that A(H5N1), though an avian virus, could also spread between people in rare cases, if there was prolonged close contact.

Be well-informed in this life! It’s the key instrument in preserving in this unfair place!!!

4 Responses to “"Paying Mind"”

  1. # Blogger ShawnQt

    Bring the Knowledge my brother! lol.

    I confess, I don't always read the paper, but I do try and keep up with whats going on with the world...

    and if anything, we have people like you to remind us.  

  2. # Blogger *Madosi

    wow, i must say that i appreciate your interest and concern with what is going on in the world via the news.

    as a future communications practitioner, i hear the argument made time and time again that people of our generation do not care about what is going on today. i have heard them say they are not well informed, do not read the paper and are only concerned about entertainment and celebrities.

    you are a breathe of fresh air ... thanks and continue to inform and enlighten!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  4. # Anonymous Anonymous
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