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Let me hear that again!

What happen to Sanging? What happened to be able to write a song, and have the sentiment of the heart in it? Capital is what has happen! It’s the same in the R&B and the Rap game. The love of money over the love of the art. In this day and time when a 2 bit hustler can’t make the money on the streets anymore, turns to rap, thinking it’s another way of making a fast buck, with truly no love beyond the action. The flip side, a marketed lil tart with a few dance steps, and a mouse of a voice goes double Platinum. While distinguished artist like Rachelle Ferrell, and Meshell Ndegeocello, have to go thou Hell and High water to go wood. Is it these true artists were in the wrong era? Or have times changed so much that we are clouded with this fluff. Ella Fitzgerald was no petite women. But she is known as the vocalist of her time. All and all it’s not about the units, it’s not about selling mass amounts. When do we as a public decided to step out of the box of what’s given to us. I have heard many times again people call themselves music whiz kids and not know who Minnie Ripperton was. Next time you go out to pick-up that new piece of Trash everyone is talking about. Which I’m certain is most likely sampled from an old album. Walk a step or two to the left, and take home a pearl. For the beginners I say start of with Joe Sample w/ Lalah Hathaway. It’s the real deal.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLfKFwmesls A little Minnie for you!

4 Responses to “Let me hear that again!”

  1. # Blogger SonOfMorri

    Well the way i see it is, That the people buying music now-a-days are young kids...In the days of Minnie, Ella, Billie, Donny, Marvin, Smokey ecetera the connoisuers of said "ARTISTS" (notice the paranthesis)were adults. In these days it's not about the art anymore..You answered your own question. It's about how to make a quick buck. Our standards of success are no longer measured as Doctors, Lawyers, Politians, but rather, how high your jump-shot is, or how well you can insult your fellow African American on wax. That seems to be the only "way out of the hood". School takes to much work. We have become what i like to call a "microwave" society in which we want everything in 5 minutes or less...The reason Michelle, Rachelle, Jill, and others have to work so hard is because the people having kids now are just children themselves...and they aren't exposing their offspring to the real art...I have an idea. How about it be made a law that in order to pursue a career in music, one has to get a degree. Study the real "ARTISTRY" (notice again the paranthesis). Find out where Diddy got that sample for "Mo' Money, Mo Problems" and then and only then can someone have the privelage of invading our airwaves............  

  2. # Blogger Ty

    OMG, I love the Joe Sample/Lalah Hathaway collaboration.

    I think that too many people are caught up in the beats. Noone really listens to the words or expect to be moved lyrically or even vocally. However, the truth is that good singing will never go out of style. Its popularity sways like the ocean but you will always have a core of people holding onto the real.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

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