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Who has Schizophrenia not me!

Who is Blues? This has been the question I’ve been posed over and over. So I have decided to request the company of Blues over to my charming Harlem flat, for a night of Tea and Crumpets. This transcript is true documentation of no holds bared conversation (A meeting of the minds) between Spencer Grant and Blues. Enjoy


Blues enters, Laughing loudly drink in hand. Then pulls up a chair.

Hey man how are you?

Man I’m drunk! Give me Love; we ain’t talked in a minute

Blues reaches out to hug Spencer. Holding him close, as if there bond never ended.

I see you still give great hugs!

Shut the fuck up.

So Blues you have gained a little notoriety thou my blog, people
have been asking about you.

Oh for real? That’s what’s up. What they saying?

Nothing as yet. Just asking question and inquiring about who you

Oh ok! Yo Imma get up real quick and see what you got in this Frige
to knock down, top this lil drink off. You want something?

No, help yourself man. So… I’m trying to get a little back ground on you. I really don’t recall where we formally meet. Do you?

Nigga, I don’t remember what the fuck I had on yesterday, let alone know
where in the hell I meet you.

So I’m guessing that’s a no?

Blues tops off his drink, and finds his way back to the table

Well we can talk about that another time. I have written a
series of questions to ask you, so that the Blog world, can
get to know you a little better. If that’s ok?

That’s cool, nothing to deep, cause I’ve been drinking and I don’t want you slaughting my buzz.
That’s fine. It’s a list of ten questions, whatever you don’t feel comfortable with, please do tell me, and we can simple move on.

Nigga, just asked me.

Ok, so why is it you think you drink so much?

Blues looks directly at Spencer with a gaze of bewilderment.

Oh so you want to kill my buzz! Why do I drink so much?
That’s a crazy, question to ask.

Feel free to not answer it. If you think it’s to personal.

Naw, it’s cool. I guess I drink to escape. I never really
feel comfortable around people, not gay people away. I feel like
judged, like everyone is paying attention to everything about me
but me, you know what I’m saying?

No, not really explain…

Like this, when I walk in somewhere, like a club or whatever
I feel like I’m not there to enjoy myself, I’m there to look good
to show off my new shit, you feel me, I drink so I don’t notice the
reality around me, it makes it a lot easier to consume.

So you only drink excessively when you go out or are uncomfortable?

Yeah I do, guess I never really realize that, but I do!
Well Ok! That’s answered

Both Laugh

So you’ve got me on a Roll, and you done killed my Buzz. So what’s
the next question?

You excited now? That’s funny, if you aren’t cursing someone out
I wouldn’t know whom I was talking to. What do you think it is about Blues that’s gets the party started?

Cause I don’t MotherFuckin care. I say whatever the Fuck is on my mind.Plus most people are full of shit, like FULL OF SHIT. So all I do is say what everyone else is thinking. The shit don’t come with a lot of fans, but
It is what it is.

Well it’s been said that you have had a few fights cause of this Non-Caring attitude you seem to be famous for.

Yeah a few, but at the time I think sometime I don’t know what
I am doing. I just get mad, I can’t control myself. I’m saying that ain’t happen in a minute.

Well Blues, to be completely honest with you, being drunk is
no excuse to fight anybody, to me it’s really a cop out.

Like I said, it is what it is.
It really is a lot deeper then that, but we will move on.

It’s cool, NEXT
Ok. So do you think your attitude with people or towards
others with ever change? What I mean to say are you
working on it? The drinking I mean.

Look I’m aint no drunk. Like I said before I only drink when
I’m in social settings.


But for real I’ll be real with you; I am working on trying not to
drink when I go out. Trying to get comfortable with what’s goin
on around me. But yo it really ain’t easy.

Well Blues man its all in time. I know I sit here and ask you all
these questions, but I want you to know I don’t judge you! I enjoy
you as a person.

That’s cool man? You’re cool peoples too.
Ready for another one? Question that is.

Yep, give it to me.

Since you’re known for your very upfront answers. I’ll pose this question to you. What do you think of the state of the gay black man? Even better why do you think there are so many single gay black men?

Blues laughing uncontrollable

Yo where do I begin?

To Be Continued…..

3 Responses to “Who has Schizophrenia not me!”

  1. # Blogger Dayne Avery

    I love the new layout!  

  2. # Blogger Staats

    OH BOY! Damn FOX, ABC, and NBC, this will be the new drama/soap opera that I tune into. I love it man. Plain and simple. Reminds me of my "A Tale of Two Beautiful Minds". I love the direction. And I look forward to reading more. Good job on the layout too.  

  3. # Blogger 2006

    yes u do lol  

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