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Walking into light!

5 Responses to “Walking into light!”

  1. # Anonymous CK

    Lol, on working on your anger. Good luck with the path you are taking. You got ambition, now get them!!!  

  2. # Blogger Ty

    This is hilarious. Not that your dreams and aspirations are but the constant IM"s during. I believe that you are on to something about speaking your goals/dreams into existence. I think that you will have no problem at all reaching them.  

  3. # Anonymous It can only be me!!

    i can say that we hav ehad sooo many conversations that have me say yaaaaahooooo that u have are in this space ... keep striving for greatness.. meaning keep pushin forward .. im lovin that ..  

  4. # Blogger sonofMorri

    I am in love with Spencer, he is intelligent, well spoken and sincere. Not that you aren't, but we don't get to see Spencer that often...I love the fact that you recognize these things in your life and are making the effort to change them. Don't just chase your dreams, catch 'em baby...I love this and I love you.....  

  5. # Blogger prodigalsun

    In all of this change you are making, I hope these are things that you want to do for you... as a continuous evolution of 'spencer'...

    if you are working on your anger to get along with the masses, FUKK THEM! lol You have one life to live, and since you can't please everyone, I say please yourself. If biting your tongue and holding it back will upset you, I say worry most about being you. And living your life day to day.

    I mean, you dont go around biting peeps heads off like your name is angry man. You can be sweet and sincere when you want. Those who think you are angry only see one side of you, and if they choose to judge you for that sliver of what makes the entirety of your character, I say... Fukk em.  

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