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remorseful Sean's 50 shots

I am worthless, a worthless space of matter, my Mother cries for me each night, and I feel guilt for not being worth enough. 400 years of none freedom, being taken from the west, enslaved and beat, deprogrammed and reprogrammed to hate, me, and love YOU. Time breaks and I’m given 44 acres of freedom, which I have still yet to receive. But here I stand worthless. He reloaded twice on me, and I yell in pain lifeless, simple thinking I have to make it to my wedding tomorrow, she will be so pained. My chest is tight, my heart has slowed, my hands are cold, oh damn am I dying? She’ll be so hurt~! My kids, my wife, my mom, my life. What did I do?

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  1. # Blogger one soulful negro.

    man you couldn't have hit it more on the nail with this. i was so beside myself this morning, and even now when i read about the verdict. i really wonder if the justice system, people in general, really take into the account what kind of message that is being sent when an acquittal of this magnitude is handed down. the precious life that was lost, and the lives that are daily and will be forever impacted by the recklessness of these cops. its a shame. its an injustice and all i can really do at this moment is shake my head in disgust.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    A lot of people were not surprised, but I was a little because I really thought they would do it right this time! I just can't believe that this happened AGAIN!!!!!!! When will this thing end??? When I heard the verdict, i felt this deep pain in my stomach. I started to think this was the kind of pain that my mother and other black folk felt back in the day when you turned on the TV every night to see images of us getting beat, attacked by dogs and water hoses!!! For the first time, I'm REALLY confused about what happens next for us as black men and black people!!! THIS HURTS SO FUCKING BAD!!!!!!!!!!!  

  3. # Blogger fuzzy

    I just can't believe what I heard!!!  

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