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Question of the week? April 2- April 9th-

You are attending your family reunion. Dozens of relatives are there, many of whom you have never met before. You are introduced to a new cousin whose face looks vaguely familiar. Later it hits you. You recognize this person from a series of porno videos you own, where they were the main attraction.

Do you let the cousin know that you know who they are? Do you tell any other family members? Would it affect your enjoyment of the videos knowing this is a relative?

10 Responses to “Question of the week? April 2- April 9th-”

  1. # Anonymous SAC

    I mean...of course I wouldn't say anything. At the end of the day its what he does for work/money. Who am I to judge or objectify him any further than his job does. I would, however, feel wierd if i was turned on by his work only to find out we shar blood. LOL. I mean to think I jacked to my cousin jacking off (and more). LMAO  

  2. # Blogger K.B.

    Lmao...i agree with sac, i wouldn't put his business out there, i'd in turn be putting my business out there. I would feel extremely weird if i had enjoyed the work of a relative.  

  3. # Blogger life

    now you have to throw your porn away...lol  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I wouldn't say anything, but I would definitely take those pornos and burn them. Then I'd take a few showers. Then I think I'd be good.  

  5. # Anonymous Lady J

    Oh I would say something without a doubt! He must know that someone would regocnize him and besides, he must know that he has family support. Some cousins have slept with each other, heck in some cultures they are married. Just tell him that you know and you are (used to be) a fan, and have a couple drinks and laugh about it.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    shorty j is starting to look rode hard and put away wet.  

  7. # Blogger RocaFella07

    1st. I would DIE!

    I'd just keep it to my awkward self.

    I have to ask...Did this happen to you?



  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I wouldn't say nann. I'm sure my cousin knows that the dude is a porn star.  

  9. # Blogger Bernie

    Interestingly, this question was posed in a gender neutral way. It was never specifically stated the cousin is male or female.

    For those who have replied, would the gender of the cousin matter as it relates to speaking up or not? Does the sexual orientation matter? Is the situation any different if we're talking about straight porn vs gay porn?  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Only an idiot would say something. I am sure the guy (or girl) knows that at some point someone is going to discover what it is that he does. He (or she) is prepared for that. And who's to say that you are the only one who knows. Could be, you're the last to find out. Mind your own business.  

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