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9 Responses to “handsomeprettybeautiful?”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.....you too damn young to be thinking about being undesirable. First of all what you see depends on where you stand, one person's art is another person's trash. As we go through life our desires, likes, dislikes, views, goals, vision, etc changes. When we were 10 years old i'm sure we found other 10 year olds desirable and we didn't find 30, 40, 50 or 60 year olds desirable. As we age what we find desirable changes; yes we won't be as young as we used to be, but god willing we'll be full of great experiences, knowledge, wisdom and the gift of LIFE that only comes with longevity.

    I know i'm amazed to be in the presence of elders who are filled with a wealth of knowledge and I pray that one day I will get there, (but all in time....lol).

    A dear older friend of mine told me once....."the next hottest faggot is being born as we speak" (excuse the use of faggot). 29 years ago, i'm sure a great man posed this question and today he's 58....

    Live and enjoy the moments for they build great memories.

    Life goes on....


  2. # Blogger malik m.l. williams

    truth is, you're undesirable to any number of someones right now. we all are. what you're really asking is, "what happens when the guys i want don't want me?" the real truth, no matter how cliché it sounds, is that until you love yourself – your true self – this fear won't go away.

    i'm reading a new earth by eckhart tolle right now. (no, i'm not on oprah's book list; someone gave it to me.) i like his insights into human nature. they resonate with me. you might be surprised to find how relevant his writing is to the questions you're grappling with now....  

  3. # Anonymous Jared Shuler

    Thank you Malik! And if you are an Oprah Lova, be that! I am reading the book and I agree with you whole heartedly. Bu there is something I most say, and I think a lot of people arent getting the point. When I blog, Most times Im not talking about myself.I tend to use myself, as the sacrificial lamb of sorts. Something people can see and find identifiable. I am not going around kissing women, hoping it takes! LOL. I simple tend to put myself in 1st person mode.If it is something I'm going thou, or if its something a group of people are going thou.I what this medium, this blog to help people grow, help them ask questions about themselves, see what parts they play in the eterneal happiness of themselves. So people that are in that place can feel they are not alone. As I started to read the comments, I wanted to make this clear.Heaven is here within, it's all about reaching and finding that place that has always been there! .  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I have had the best sixteen years of dating some of the hottest brothers new york has to offer and i've enjoyed myself to the fullest. I am currently dating someone who isn't as attractive as the men i've dated in the past and i'm fine with that. he's no dog but not quite the beauties i'm used to. and for the first time i'm good with that. I am fortunate to have grown up and learned to appreciate that handsome, pretty, beautiful comes from within.  

  5. # Blogger A-squared

    Lonely does not have an age........boy that is sooo true. Great post, the "i don't want to settle" debate is always one that people need to get past. We tend to let ourselves stand in the way of our own happiness, and it needs to stop. Letting your friend's standards dictate who you are happy with is toxic to yourself. I know that I sometimes let my friend's approval have too much weight in my own decisions, and it's something that i have worked to correct. Keep on talking Jared and I'll keep listening.  

  6. # Blogger Playboy Adonis

    AP, I often think about crazy things such as securing my portfolio and retiring young that I really don't focus on my looks anyhow...but I do get people who tell me to slow down and focus on my looks before I regret getting old and wishing that I could be young again. If you are happy and youthful in the heart then it will shine through your flesh and the world will see you as handsome, pretty, and beautiful at every stage and age of your and my life.

    What about finding someone to love you for you and for always. True love is like souls dancing to music that can only be heard by them. People we don't know or care about often judge and look at us from the outside but it is them who truly love us that can see the soul within that although aged as the universe is seen as handsome, pretty, and beautiful as can be.  

  7. # Blogger RocaFella07

    You are sooo insightful. I also have a fear about hitting a certain age, and becoming "that old gay guy...who's STILL single".

    By what I've seen in the older generations, it seems that when we, as gay men, reach a certain age, our "options" are greatly reduced. Its a sad reality.


  8. # Blogger Robert Jones, Jr.

    Alexyss Tylor has an...interesting perspective on this:


  9. # Blogger kyro

    Your thoughts are my thoughts. I try to make sure that there is so much more to me than "just looks" I am now 38 and though people say I appear younger I know that it is not the case. So I want people to accept my heart and not the superficial, because I know soon that will begin to fade. I don't want to wind up alone!  

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