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Jared Shuler introduces Major Reyes Secret- Titled DiddyBop Blues

DiddyBop Blues

I had an uncanny ability to have a “relationship” in 15 minutes. I’d meet them, I’d fuck them, I’d leave them, always using the excuse that I’d had gotten busy, or my mother was in town. Two things “relationships” clearly didn’t touch.

We all know no one is that busy, if I have time to fuck you I have time to call you!

Carnal rule # 1 no one questions someone’s mama. This is one of those times Janice was very useful to me. Thanks MAMA! I often wondered why I could fuck and go. Why I called them relationships, well I can answer that, it allowed me to not feel so loose. There is nothing like placing yourself a little higher then the rest even if it is bullshit.
All In all I was no stone, ironically I had my kryptonite. It came fully detected, ugly in character, and often less then human. We called it Tracy. Wonderful full lips, always felt warm. I had Tracy’s card the moment I met them. You know your energy will do that it can pick up on someone before they walk in the door. I smelled the bull like shit on the shoes. Never once stopped me. There detected nature fueled the strange desire to help them, fix them, heal them. As messy a job as I know it would be. That turned me on even more. Last time we hooked-up, I got a standing ovation that had to be taken care at the 135th street clinic. I unlike Nigel had no shame in my game. If someone asked. I simple stated I was there to get my bi- yearly HIV test, like any responsible sexually active 20 something year old. But thank the GODS for the penicillin. Tracy and I had a ‘date’ tonight it’s a Wednesday, DVD’s and carryout. I wondered how far we’d really get into the flick last time it was a whole 15 minutes. Tracy chooses Wednesday’s so they have a legit argument to cum and go. “Baby it’s a work night, and u know I can’t stay, so stop acting like this” I some time acted out of place, I would raise my voice an octave to show I was in charge. If it was acceptable I would of beat my chest and throw shit around the room, show this Tracy I ain’t playing games. When MAJOR speaks you listen!

Tracy cum, then went, I said nothing. I didn’t even get a kiss good bye this time; guess I didn’t put my back in to it. I want to yell your black Mother fucker, you to dark to be with me anyway, Janice would never approve. Hit this Tracy where it hurts. But once again I said nothing. Its not that I didn’t enjoy hurting people with my words it was one of my past times. But I needed Tracy any way I could get them. There was a certain something about there lips always tasted fresh, new kisses each time. I felt special in there space, when it was our time. I knew it meant nothing. Tracy was married. Married after we meet and fucked a billion times. This Tracy sat me down and told me at some hole in the wall, so no one would see us. I laughed! Broken that I wasn’t the choice. We fucked in a motel 2 miles away from JFK two days after they married. I was invite to the wedding. Guess they felt I shouldn’t miss a thing. I didn’t go couldn’t find a cute enough date. I still had Tracy. I had the sex. Sex is power. Sex starts wars. So I had a lot, right?

I sit up in my bed Hurt, warn thin. Thinking why I wasn’t the choice. What would I have to do to be someone something? I felt as if a crime was committed against me. But I knew I was the weak one. God had cursed me with a gift. Not for one second in my life did I feel like I didn’t know the right thing to do. I had a clear vision of what my truth was. Walking in it was the concern. My phones vibrating, I didn’t want anything to take away from Tracy time. Its late, my sheets still moist from the union. It’s a late night creep inquiring. I’m turned on at least with this one I won’t even think about asking them to stay. They be lucky if I let them cum.

21 Responses to “Jared Shuler introduces Major Reyes Secret- Titled DiddyBop Blues”

  1. # Anonymous Brian B

    I love it

    who is this Reyes guy?  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I guess now that Jared's been cured of being gay, he's left this blog for dead?  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Jared's working on bringing his audience a bigger chunk of himself, so he's worth the wait. And, I dont think this blog was about being gay, it seemed to be about self expression. He has a life, a busy one, and he will never abandon his "shoulders". Jared, if you are cured, give a sista' a holler ;)!  

  4. # Blogger Xem VanAdams-Lumumba

    Ur such a Bad Boy.  

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