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Save Darfur

Here are 10 things Save Darfur says YOU can do now to help raise awareness about the genocide in Darfur.

1.Show a film. Inspire others by showing movies such as Hotel Rwanda, Schindler's List, Sometimes in April, Darfur Diaries or The Killing Fields.
2.Invite a Speaker. Raise public awareness about the ongoing genocide in Darfur by inviting an expert to speak to your office, neighborhood or place of worship about this issue.
3.Generate Media Coverage. Keep Sudan in the spotlight by writing letters to the editor, meeting with editorial boards and encouraging community leaders to write op-ed pieces about Darfur.
4.Contact your elected officials. Write or call the White House or your Member of Congress to share your concerns about Darfur.
5.Hold a Rally, Vigil or Ceremony. Such events can help garner media attention for Darfur.
6.Organize a Benefit Event. Raise awareness and relief funds by holding an awareness-raising event, like a concert. Take this opportunity to tell attendees about what is happening in Darfur and urge them to help.
7.Conduct an Educational Presentation. Educate your friends and family by holding a teach-in on Darfur. Visit savedarfur.org to download PowerPoint presentations on the crisis.
8.Host a Potluck Dinner for Darfur. Discuss the situation in Darfur in an informal setting. By sharing your knowledge, your friends and family can educate each other and brainstorm organizing tactics.
9.Join the Save Darfur Congregational Network. Bring the issue of Darfur to your house of worship. Save Darfur has created faith action packets and bulletin inserts to help organize your religious community.
10.Raise Funds for Darfur Advocacy. Help support the people of Darfur by making a donation.

2 Responses to “Save Darfur”

  1. # Blogger fuzzy

    Its a shame that we can fight a war that isn't ours, not find weapons of mass destruction after spending so much time and money looking for them. We call ourself policing the world, how is it that we overlook such tragedies and focus on so many minor issues?  

  2. # Blogger Sean

    why should we interfere in the sudan? you cant have it both ways. you cant applaud the man who ignored rwanda, attack th eman who went into afghanistan and iaq, then ask: why not darfur?
    very simple. its easier to do nothing. People dont blame you for doing nothing. Bu tif you do something, and it isnt perfect, well people will attack you forever.
    thats the message the public has sent  

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